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The Haunted Travels of Michigan
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The Haunted Travels of Michigan - NEWS

October 4, 2016


The HT of M team has been very busy conducted a series of controlled investigation in Romeo, MI. We have selected 7 of the 15 locations investigated and we're ready to go for our October 8th evening of paranormal investigations. All of our are very excited to share these locations with registered guests.

This special weekend sold out within 2 minutes of ticket sales opening. Because of the public's interest, we are hoping to have more Haunted Romeo events in 2016. The website for Haunted Romeo is:

WILLARD LIBRARY, MILLER STONE BUILDING, Battle Creek, MI - October 20, 6:30 pm

Kat Tedsen will be the featured speaker at 6:30 pm, October 20th at the Willard Library in Battle Creek. She will be sharing a story from the Haunted Travels of Michigan book series, THE HOLLY DEMON. This story was selected by the SyFy Paranormal Network, adapted for TV, and aired on their TV series "Paranormal Witness." The network's adaptation did not offer the full story of what happened in Holly, Michigan that evening. This time, you'll hear the story as it actually happened.

Her second story will be from her forthcoming book, "Stepping Into Darkness." It is called, "Eloise Psychiatric Hospital: The Dark Things."
The story is based on Kat's experience during a college psych project where she was required to observe a patient for a series of weeks. She'll share some of the history of Eloise and the story of her patient, Mark, and his progression into a world of night terrors.

This presentation is free.


Thank you to everyone who came to our 2016 Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island! What a great time we had. The weather held up. In fact, it was a beautiful, cool, sunny weekend. Our day time investigation at Devi's Kitchen and the investigation of Frances Lacey's last known location went smoothly.

The Ghastly Mackinac Tour and investigation of Fort Mackinac produced some very interesting results! The barracks and prison had several very response EMF hits.

Room 2200 at the Straits Lodge was also crazy. One member of the group, during a session in the room, felt a sudden hot, burning sensation on the back of her neck. We pulled back the shirt a little to see a rather large burn mark that had what looked to be a handprint.

Later that night, in the main public sitting room of the lodge, we received a possible communication from a passed mother from two of our guests.

It will take time to review the audio (hours and hours of audio). We'll keep our guests posted on results in the upcoming months.

It will take awhile to go through the hours and

... Oct. 22, Wolcott Mill Investigation
... Oct. 25, Clarkston Public Library Presentation
... Oct. 28-30, A Haunted Hall-O-Weekend in Marshall Michgain


August 25, 2016


After the passing of my sister, I have purposefully limited my speaking engagements and public book signings. I do, however, have a few scheduled for thisyear and hope to meet some of you as one of these select locations:

September 28 - BOOK SIGNING: 12:30 to 1:15 pm
Kat will be giving a private presentation for a charity event that afternoon. However, she will hold a PUBLIC BOOK SIGNING prior to the event. She'll have a table setup on the first floor of the Whitney Restaurant between 12:30 and 1:15 pm.

October 20 - Free Speaking Engagement: 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Kat will give a rare presentation of "The Holly Demon". A story taken by SyFy and adapted for thei TV Sereis "Paranormal Witness". The Holly Demon story is one of Kat and Bev's most unsettling cases. A story that connects a troubled woman to events that happened more than 100 years before. Kat will close with a story from her forthcoming book, "Stepping Into Darkness" (anticipated release 2017).

October 25 - Free Speaking Engagement: 7:00 - 8:00 pm
Kat will, once again, share the stories mentioned at the Willard Library.


In the 1970's, for a college psych project, Kat Tedsen was assigned to a psychiatric patient at Eloise Mental Hospital in Nankin Township. Her assignment was to become friendly with the patient and observe changes, if any, over the course of their treatment.

Kate will share the history of Eloise, her impression of the hospital in 1970's, and the compelling story of Mark, her young patient, and his progression into a dark world of night terrors


The Haunted Travels of Michigan group, led by Kat Tedsen, will begin their series of controlled investigations in the town of Romeo, MI. They have approximately 12-15 locations to investigate. Of those they will select 6 or 7 with they believe have the most paranormal activity for the October 8th public event.

HT of M, as the months pass, will continue investigations of target locations in Romeo. This is a monumental opportunity for those interested in paranormal research and investigation. We are so happy to be working with the Romeo DDA on this project.

July 19, 2016

OCTOBER 8th - HAUNTED ROMEO, MI : A night of paranormal investigation

On the evening of Saturday, October 8, the town of Romeo, Michigan will open its door to a series of paranormal investigations. This will be the first time something of this nature has been permitted and Haunted Travels of Michigan has been given the opportunity to host it.

Six hours of investigation. Seven locations. Visit the website for details:

July 13, 2016

SAVE OCTOBER 8th - for A Very Special Ghost Hunting Adventure @ one of Michigan's Most Historic Towns!

I am very excited to announce that HTofM is headed to a new location October 8th for a very unique ghost hunting adventure. This incredible opportunity will take us to one of Michigan's most historic towns and a paranormal investigation that will send us to several sites in the heart of the downtown district. This will be the first investigation of its type in this town. Join us to see what we'll discover!

** On Sunday afternoon (sometimes between 1 to 2 pm) July 17 we will GO LIVE on-location. Join us live on facebook to see where this great location will be. To see the live feed, visit my personal facebook page:

LIVE STREAM SUNDAY - JULY17th between 1 pm and 2 pm

June 1, 2016

An Evening with the SPIRITS: Historic Wolcott Mill - 1st Investigation of the year coming up

In a few short weeks, June 18, we're returning to Historic Wolcott Mill for our first public hunt of the year. Looking forward to getting back to one of my favorite locations. Over the past couple of years we have collected a variety of EVP evidence and a few interesting personal experiences. Looking forward to seeing what this year's investigation will turn up. Will we finally connect to the Wolcott family?

********** NOTE: Openings still remain for our October 22 public hunt at Wolcott Mill. Visit our Wolcott Mill website for details and registration


We continue to make plans for an incredible, new October ghost hunting adventure. The location, as yet undisclosed, includes the investigation of a historic town. The investigation will target seven to 10 locations.

Research into the town's history reveals some bizarre and chilling stories that may account, in part, for decades of reputed paranormal activity in the town.

Prior to our public hunt in October, we will be conducting controlled investigations at these targeted locations. There is still a considerable amount of time needed to put this event together.

I hope to make an announcement later this month. Stay tuned! This will be the first of its kind.


May 14, 2016


I am very excited about a new opportunity that Haunted Travels of Michigan has been offered. It's a location Bev and I have long wanted to investigate. Bev is no longer on this earth but I'm sure she's out there somewhere as excited as I am. In fact, she may have been at least partly responsible for the Downtown Development Committed contacting me.

This investigation would include not one location but a series in one of Michigan's most well-known historic towns. If all works out, we will plan a public investigation this October.

I can't share more than that until further meetings and final confirmation are received. But I could not be more excited.

WOLCOTT MILL, Ray, MI • OCTOBER 22 Public Investigaiton: A few openings remain

A few openings for our last for ghost hunt of the year at Historic Wolcott Mill in Ray, MI. Visit our event website for details:

April 7, 2016


Our Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island has SOLD OUT. If you'd like to be placed on the waiting list should cancelltions occur OR you'd like to be placed on the advance notice list for next year's event, email us with the SUBJECT LINE: "Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island Wait List" then give us your name, estimated number in your party and preferred email address.

April 3, 2016


I have limited my public speaking engagements this year to three. One will be at the beautiful WHITNEY RESTAURANT, Detroit Mi. This is a special charity event and is closed to the public. I have scheduled two public library engagements as follows:

... OCTOBER 20: WILLARD LIBRARY, Battle Creek, MI (6:30 to 8:00 pm)

... OCTOBER 25 - CLARKSTON DISTRICT LIBRARY, Clarkston, MI (7:00 to 8:00 pm)


Our special Halloween Weekend in Marshall, MI sold out in less than 24 hours. Based on the interest in this unique weekend of haunted tours and investigations, we will be holding another weekend in Marshall next year.

WOLCOTT MILL (Ray, MI) INVESTIGATIONS - An Evening with the SPIRIS (October 22nd)

Our October 22nd public investigation at Historic Wolcott Mill is still open for registraiton. All all public investigations at the mill have sold out. WEBSITE:


Two openings remain for our Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island. WEBSITE:



February 24, 2016


Haunted Travels of Michigan is currently looking into hosting a new weekend of ghost hunts and paranormal tours the weekend before Halloween.The site for this Hautned Weekend will be based at one of Michigan's oldest, most historic towns. Spend the night at an 1800's inn with a long reputation of paranormal activity. Investigate Michigan's oldest cemetery during the day and a historic mansion at night. Haunted carriage tours, restaurants, and more. Details coming soon.


Our summer investigations at Wolcott Mill have sold out. We are, however, happy to announce two fall dates - Saturday, October 1 and Saturday, October 22. Registration is now open. Visit website for details and to register:

February 1, 2016


Registration has begun for Haunted Travels of Michigan friends for our summer Wolcott Mill public paranormal investigations. If you are a firend and did not receive notice of the special link to register, email

Open registration will begin February 12, 2016. For details on our Wolcott hunts, visit the website:

WE RETURN in 2016 - HAUNTED WEEKEND ON MACKINAC ISLAND - September 23-25, 2016

The Haunted Travels of MIchigan team will return to Mackinac Island in 2016. Mark your calendars for September 23-25.

This year's weekend will include an investigation into the island's most mysterious unsolved murder - that of the widow, Frances Lacey. Dealing with the grief of her husband's death, Frances' famiily invited her to come to Mackinac Island hoping a vacation would brighten her mood. The trip resulted in her brutal rape and murder. Who the killer was remains unknown. Our day time investigation will take us to the last location Frances Lacey was seen and we will attempt to retrace her steps and see if her spirit or that of her killer's will communicate with us.

In the evening, guests will journey to Fort Mackinac. It will begin with a one-hour tour where a knowledgeable guide will share the darker side of the fort's history. At the conclusion, everyone will have 90 minutes for a paranormal investigation within the fort walls. All building will be open for investigation, including: jail, prison, hospital, and the most paranormally active house (former captain's quarters). At the conclusion, we'll head outside of the fort's walls to continue the investigation.

As always, Room 2200 at Mission Point Resort will be open. Room 2200 is considered one of the most active rooms at Mission Point. Why? The answer remains unknown. However, numerous EVP's and strange experiences have been recorded and felt over our 5 years of investiating the room. We'll also be conducting investigations in and around the Straits Lodge (part of Mission Point Resort's back building). The Straits Lodge is one area where several personal experiences and recorded EVP havae been captured.

Visit the website for details:

December 26, 2015


With the passing of my sister, I have had to regroup and rethink next steps in my paranormal journey. To help me with new adventures, I am teaming up with a few experienced, highly knowledgeable para-pals to look and begin organizing 2016 ghost hunts and other paranormal investigations/adventures.

I do know that we will be returning to Historic Wolcott Mill in Ray, Michigan (near Romeo) for 2016. I will be contacting the Wolcott administrative team after the first of the year to gather dates for next year's investigation schedule.

I will also be returning for another Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island. The events/schedules will change for our 2016 haunted weekend trip. First, we will limit attendance for 2016 to not more than 35-40 people. Plus we have a unique Saturday afternoon adventure lined up. We'll be going to the site of the island's most mysterious and as yet unsolved crimes, the brutal murder of a woman. Who her brutal murder was remains unknown. Perhaps on this investigation we may capture some evidence from the otherside. For this afternoon trip, we will also offer a lunch at the beautiful, rustic Woods Restaurant.

Plus, of course, we will be returning to Fort Mackinac on Saturday night for our continued investigation at the island's most mysterious fortress.

I have also been asked to speak at the Clarkston District Library October 26. For that presentation, I'll not only share a story of two from our favorite investigations but reveal, for the first time, a story from the next book, STEPPING INTO DARKNESS.

I'm ready to venture into the new year with renewed excitement. I do this to honor my sister who, I know will remain with me/us as our adventures continue. So, let's do this together!

Looking forward to seeing many of you as our journey into the unknown continues in 2016.

October 15, 2015


We've been offline for a while. As many of our friends have learned, my sister, best friend and co-author of our Haunted Travels of Michigan book series, Beverlee Rydel, lost her three-year fight against cancer. Bev and I were not only sisters but have been best friends our entire lives. She supported me in my most difficult times and I was there for her in her in her most difficult times. Bev will forever be loved and missed; and will forever be a part of what we have accomplished over the past eight years. I am honored to have been her sister and honored to co-author the Haunted Travels of Michigan book series with her. Her sense of adventure and iincredible sense of humor made what we did not only an exciting journey of discovery but an absolute blast.

What a ride we had. I love ya big sister.

As a result of Bev's passing, I have cancelled all public speaking engagements for the remainder of the year.


OCTOBER 24th, An Evening with the Spirits: HISTORIC WOLCOTT MILL, Ray, MI

The last paranormal investigation of the year will be at the Historic Wolcott Mill in Ray, Michigan on Saturday, October 24th. This event is sold out. I will be sending out more detailed information about the event a few days prior to the event.

I am planning on returning for more paranormal evenings at Wolcott Mill next year. If you'd like to be notified of next year's scheduled ghost hunts, send an email to: wiith the subject 2016 WOLCOTT MILL GHOST HUNTS. Add your name, email address and estimated number in your party. We'll email you as soon as new dates are set.


June 20, 2015

EVIDENCE IS UP - June 6, 2015 Investigation of HISTORIC WOLCOTT MILL, Ray, MI

Our June 6th public investigation at Historic Wolcott Mill turned up several pieces of very interesting audio evidence. We have at least one confirmed Ojibwe EVP plus several more. We have posted some of the EVPs captured that night at our Wolcott website's evidence room.


June 15, 2015

BOOK 4 : Stepping Into Darkness - Michigan's Macabre and Haunted

There are many dark, unexplained, haunting stories forgotten, lost in Michigan's past. Stories of ancient Native Americans spirits, warriors massacred by their own people, who roam the land seeking revenge. Chilling, true accounts of the occult, witchcraft and spiritualism. The mysterious giants of Michigan. Along with other tragic events that have left their mark in Michigan's history.

Plus, for the first time ever, Kat and Bev will share some of their most chilling home investigations.

When you call the spirits from the past, you never know what will come back.

STEPPING INTO DARKNESS - Release date 2016.


All public hunts have sold out for 2015. You can be placed on the waiting list should cancellations occur. Just email with the SUBJECT LINE "Waiting Wolcott). Provide your name and number in your party.

Our first investigation mill of took place June 6. Audio evidence was recorded during that investigation. We will post it to our Wolcott page ( in the upcoming days.


May 7, 2015


Our roadtrip began on Tuesday, April 21. First stop was The Jailers Inn, Bardstown, KY. This bed and breakfast was once the town's jail. it was built in 1819, expanded in 1879 and remained in operation until 1987. The old prison is now a comfortable B&B with many of the old cells merged to create spacious guest rooms. There is one guest room, for those brave enough, that remains as it did as a jail cell. Unfortunately, it was taken or we would have gotten it!

The backroom has remained untouched with cells remaining very much as they did during its time as a jail. Guests can explore this area on their own.

We conducted an investigated throughout the inn, including the jail cells. Nothing noteworthy was occurred at the time. Whether or not something was captured will be determined once audio/video is reviewed.

We should mention, there is the old tavern next to the inn. Go there for dinner. The atmosphers is fantastic as was the food. We would also recommend trying their cherry burbon! Even if you don't like bourbon, you will like this.

Anyway, the next morning we headed off to St. Francisville, LA and the Myrtles Plantation. On the way, we stopped at Loretta Lynn's estate and took a tour of the home. Lorretta's home has long been reputed to be haunted. Loretta has shared her personal experiences iin the home on various documentaries and TV series. Unfortunately, we were not permitted to take photogrphs of the interior but, as you might expect, it is impeccably designed and quite opulent.

We reached the Myrtles as temperatures hovered in the low 80's. Although the temperatures weren't that hot, the humidity was intense casting a hazy glow to the property and buildings. It was amazing to see the home in person. It was, to say the least, both impressive and eerie.

What TV shows don't show is how beautiful the grounds are. Large trees shroud the area and the sounds at night from bullfrogs, crickets and other critters of the night is astounding.

Our room was the Judge Clark Woodruff suite, supposedly the most "haunted" room at the Myrtles.During our actual investigation, the suite seemed very quiet. However, in the wee hours of the morning (3:07 a.m. the first night and 3:47 a.m. the second) we were waken by loud fooksteps in the room. How loud? Loud enough to wake us from a sound sleep. We were the only ones staying in this section of the inn, which is closed to other guests. The outside doors were locked and we found no one on any of the floors.

Other areas investigated were the Caretakers cabin, General David Bradford suite, and several rooms. We still need to review audio/video to see if anything was captured. It was an incredible two nights.

We also managed to get out during the day for an airboat ride in the bayou. The airboat ride was amazing and the bayout intensely beautiful. Cypress trees and an abundance of plants and greenery grew from the swampy waters. The airboat sped through the bayou swiftly turning and shifting to avoid different barriers then slowed and stopped, allowing us to fully experience the sounds and beauty around us. Yes, there were alligators and, who knew, they love marshmellows.

Our last stop was Loyd's Hall Plantation in Cheneyville, LA. It is an incredibly impressive mansion. Even more impressive than the Myrtles. The home has seen Native American attacks (arrow gouges still in doors and walls), and attacks from union troops (bullet holes also visible). A union soldier was shot and killed on the third floor. The blood stains are still visible in the saturated wood ... and, yes, DNA analysis did validate the stains are human blood.

The union soldier was not the only death at the 1820's plantation.
The original owner of the home, Mr. Loyd, was taken by Union soldiers in the 1860's and hung in the backyard when it was discovered he was a double spy. A daughter, distraught by the fact that she was a *spinster*, jumped from the third floor and fell to her death. Yet another death occurred when a slave died mysteriously. Although cause cannot be validated, death was believed to have been by poison.

We were fortunate to have the entire home to ourselves for the night. The four of us (Kat Tedsen, Bev Rydel, Mike Smith and Susan Hatcliff) split up and investigated not only the main home but also the surrounding properites. The investigation went smoothly. Unexplained vibrations were recorded and several EMF hits that appeared to respond to questions were recorded. Again, audio/video needs to be checked to see if validating evidence was captured.

To end the investigation, a powerful storm hit the plantation and, in the morning, a massive old trees was uprooted a few dozen yards right behind us. A great, although, unsettling way to end our paranormal adventure.

From Loyd's Hall we headed to Gulf Shores, AL where we took a couple of days to hangout by the beach and enjoy the sun.

For those who joined us, THANK YOU so much for making this trip incredibly memorable. We have included (above) a slideshow of the trip. If we capture evidence, we'll set up a link for that.

And now it's back to writing and follow-up research for our next book, "Stepping Into Darkness". We're also looking forward to our ghost hunts at WOLCOTT MILL and MACKINAC ISLAND. We have 8 openings remaining for our July 25th investigation at Wolcott AND we have just begun taking rservations four our October 24 investigation ( We still have openings for our HAUNTED WEEKEND ON MACKAINC ISLAND (

April 16, 2015


We are happy to announce a new fall date for our ghost hunts at Historic Wolcott Mil - Saturday, October 24.
We currently are registering for Saturday, JULY 25 and Saturday, OCTOBER 24th.

Go to our website for details & registration:


Join us on another island adventure! Details, pricing and registration at:

"STEPPING INTO DARKNESS" - Research and Writing for Next Book Continues

Our next book project continues. This one will be a bit different than our Haunted Travels of Michigan book series. Our fourth book will cover some of our most bizarre, compelling home investigations. We're also delving into some of Michigan's dark, historic past. True, strange stories involving spiritualism, witchcraft, voodoo, and other unexplained events that take us beyond the limit into unknown realms of dark phenomena.


Authors, Kat Tedsen and Bev Rydel, were recently contacted by the Southeast Michigan MENSA Society to give a presentation of their best findings later this year. We are eager to show them some of our evidence to see if they can either help us understand what it mayt be or, possibly, aid in exploring new methods of research.

For those unfamiliar with Mensa is an elite, international group of individuals whose IQ scores rank in the top 2% of the world population. There's a lot of work to do.

February 23, 2015


New dates have been added for our investigations at HIstoric Wolcott Mill in Ray, MI (near Romeo). New dates are: Friday, June 5 • Saturday, July 25

Go to our website for details & registration:


Go to our website for details on the weekend, prices, and registration:


February 5, 2015


Tomorrow morning, open registration will begin for our 5th Annual Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island. Visit our Mackinac website for details on the weekend and prices.


Open registration begins February 20, 2015

January 22, 2015


Our fifth annual Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island will be held Oct. 2-4, 2015. This year we will again be investigating Historic Fort Mackinac, Mission Point Resort's theater and soundstage. This year our day time investigation will take us out to the 1814 Mackinac Island Battlefield. The only site on Mackinac Island where actual battle occurred. During this battle, 13 deaths occurred and over 50 wounded.

We'll also be investigating Round Island Suite (Room 2200), and more. REGISTSRATION BEGINS IN EARLY February.


We have been given the OK by the Historic Wildcat Mill in Wolcott Mill Park. Dates are planned for early summer and fall. DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON!


We have a great group of friends joining us this April 23-24 at one of American's most haunted locations. Although all the rooms at the inn are full and most of the cabins, there are still two cabins open. We will not be charging for this event. Your costs include whatever the price of your lodging at the inn and travel.


Bev and Kat at looking into other interesting Michigan locations to investigate in 2015. Come back as new sites are located.

Private Residential Investigations

Kat and Bev have been involved with several investigations focused on residential cases rather than commercial businesses. A residential investigation is different than a commercial business (i.e. pub, restaurant, etc.). A home is more urgent usually because the owner is very frightened - both for their children and themselves.

A residential case requires an investigator's committed attention. For those who primarily focus on private residential cases, you know that the most important thing is to calm the homeowner(s). Someone overly stressed can create demons where none exist. Sometimes the real demon is our own fear.

Next is to determine the cause of the activity - explainable or paranormal. Following that, attempt to identify the cause and correct it. You don't just run an investigation and, should you find evidence, drop it on the owner and walk away. You need to do your best to resolve the situation.

January 6, 2015


Happy New Year everyone! We have a lot of exciting things we're working on for 2015 and hope to see many of you this year. Stay tuned as new adventures are organized for the upcoming year!

... Oct. 2-4, 2015: HAUNTED WEEKEND ON MACKINAC ISLAND. We're attempting to finalize prices for our next haunted adventure on the island. We should begin registration for this in February. This does sell out quickly.

... April 23-24. Kat and Bev are headed to THE MYRTLES PLANTATION in Louisiana. We always schedule one out-of-state adventure at a well-known haunted location. We've been to Mansfield Reformatory, Waverly Hills Sanatorium on a few occasions. This year we're headed to the notoriously haunted Myrtles Plantation. There is so much to do in Louisiana it's ridiculous - including, of course, investigating one of America's most haunted locations. Price is whatever the cost of transportation and lodging at the Myrtles. Details -

... More ghost hunts at HISTORIC WOLCOTT MILL PARK - dates coming. Guests at last year's investigations experienced a wide variety of interesting activity. We did record evidence and hope to have that up in the next few weeks. We'll be scheduling more hunts in 2015. The Wolcott folks take time off in the winter. As soon as they're back from their winter break, we'll look at dates.

... Research continues on our next book (tentative title "STEPPING INTO DARKNESS.") We hope to have that ready by 2016.

... So much more coming in 2015.

... WANT KAT & BEV TO SPEAK AT YOUR LIBRARY OR EVENT? If you'd like to hear the authors speak at your library, contact your library and tell them to contact us. If you 'd like Bev and I to speak at an event you're hosting or for any special gathering, email:

December 12, 2014

EVIDENCE ROOM READY - Haunted Weekend @ OLD MISSION INN, Traverse City Investigation

This past Halloween, we spent a fascinating weekend at Old Mission Inn. It seems our investigation on Saturday night was productive. We did capture a few EVPs. NOTE: Not all audio/video has been reviewed. Additional evidence will be added to our EVIDENCE ROOM at the website should more be uncovered. If you attended the weekend and collected evidence, please email it to and we'll add it.



Kat and Bev will be taking some time off this winter to devote to research related to their fourth book, "Stepping Into Darkness." This fourth book will move into some of Michigan's dark history and even darker paranormal phenomena.

THANK YOU - to all those who have supported us throughout the year. We could not do what we do with you. Grateful...

Have a wonderful Christmas & New Year!

November 25, 2014


Every year, HT of M goes to one, well-known out-of-state location to investigate. Our destination this year will be The Myrtles Plantation in Francisville, Louisiana. Details will be released to our Haunted Travels of Michigan friends December 1. It will be released to the general public December 5.

DECEMBER 4, 2014 - A MURDER & HAUNTING IN MONTCALM - Special Presentation

Kat and Bev will be giving a special December presentation at Montcalm Community College, Sidney, MI December 4th (6 - 7 pm). In that presentation, they'll take guests back to 1881 Stanton, Michigan and share the events leading up to one of Montcalm County's most sensational murders and the results of their investigations.

EVIDENCE REVIEW CONTINUES - Mackinac Island, Wolcott Mill, Old Mission Inn

Reviewing the audio and video recorded during our various investigation continues. Review is a slow process and, with Kat's and Bev's busy December schedule, it is taking longer than anticipated. However, we can confirm there was audio evidence collected during our Mackinac Island investigation as well at our Old Mission Inn investigation. However, only about 1/3 of the audio/video has been reviewed. Review of Wolcott Mill audio/video has not yet begun.

As soon as evidence is posted to the event websites, we'll let you know !

November 6, 2014


Our weekend at Old Mission Inn and Traverse City State Hospital went very well. The tour of the hospital was interesting and our investigation of the inn did have a few surprises. Several EMF fluctuations occurred in direct response to questions and at least three people clearly felt unseen hands touch them. Perhaps even stranger, around 11:30 p.m. a large sign that once hung outside of the inn (dating 1800's), fell from the wall. Not only the sign but the shelf as well. It sat 14 ft. up on the wall for over 14 years. No one was in the hallway at the time and no apparent disturbances in the area occurred to have jarred it off the wall. It just fell. Fortunately no one was hurt but it did cause a momentary scare to the group. What or who caused it to fall after 14 years remains unknown.

AUDIO REVIEW BEGINS - Mackinac Island, Wolcott Mill, Old Mission Inn

Our fall was so busy we did not have to time to review audio/video from our October investigations at Mackinac Island, Wolcott Mill, or Old Mission Inn. That lengthy process will begin this week. Any evidence uncovered will be posted at our respective event a pages and linked as a **EVIDENCE ROOM**.


We will be returning in 2015 for our 5th ANNUAL HAUNTED WEEKEND ON MACKINAC ISLAND (Oct. 2-4, 2015). We will also hold new investigations at Historic Wolcott Mill (dates TBD). Our out-of-state site is still being researched. We're very excited about this possibility. This out-of-state location will be limited to just a handful of people. We're aiming for a spring investigation. We hope to make the announcement soon. As before, our HAUNTED TRAVELS OF MICHIGAN *FRIENDS* will be notified before it's released to the general public.

October 25, 2014

More will be scheduled for next year!

Tonight is the last investigation of the year at Historic Wolcott Mill in Ray, MI (near Romeo). There have been major sun flares in the last day or two. We have found that, very often, the geomagnetic fields of earth are sometimes disrupted by these sun flares and frequently increased paranormal activity is recorded. It will be interesting to see what happens tonight the the Mill.

We have been given approval by the Macomb County Parks and Rec Association to continue our ghost hunts at Wolcott Mill for 2015. So, if you couldn't get in this year, we hope to see you in 2015.


Our last public investigation of the year will be held Halloween weekend. We'll be ending our event schedule with a paranormal bang! This event is sold out BUT we hope to do a second Haunted Weekend in Old Mission Peninsula and Old Traverse City State Hospital next year!
Visit our website for more info on our haunted weekend:


Our final library speaking engagement of October will occur at the Mount Clemens Public Library at NOON, October 28th.

We have had a fantastic time during this October's library engagements. We've seen some old friends and met many awesome new people (Warren Library group pictured here).

We want to send out a sincere thank you the libraries for having us out and allowing us to share some of our experiences with others.


October 17, 2014

An Evening with the SPIRITS: Historic Wolcott Mill Event Tonight and Next Saturday

Tonight is our first public investigation of Wolcott Mill in Ray, Mi. All registered guests for tonight's hunt should have received an email with evening details

Fourth Annual - Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island Evidence Review

Another Haunted Weekend comes to an end. In spite of some rather rainy weather, we still managed to get out there during the day and run some good EVP session on the back road trails. Although with our busy schedule we haven't had a lot of time to review recorded audio, we will say a few of our guest investigators have submitted evidence they recorded - both on the trail and Fort Mackinac investigations.

In upcoming weeks, we wlll post submitted evidence of our Oct. 3-5 investigation.

October Library Engagements

For a list of all our October speaking engagements (free to the public), please visit our main website,

September 16, 2014

2014 Fall Events Schedule

We have an incredibly busy October with public investigations events and library speaking engagements. Although our public ghost hunts are sold out, you can still be placed on our waiting list should a cancellation occur.

This fall we kick it off with our 4th Annual Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island, Oct. 3-5.. We did send out details for the event to all registered guests. If you are registered but didn't receive our message, email us ****immediately***.

October 17 and 25th, are the next public ghost hunts at Historic Wolcott Mill in Ray, MI (near Romeo, MI. We'll be hosting a very special Halloween event at Old Mission Inn, Traverse City, MI on October 31 - November 1. We are very happy to share some exciting new locations to investigate!

We also have a number of library presentations around Michigan. Please visit our website's main page for a complete list.


Kat and Bev are continuing research for their fourth book. This book will deviate from their Haunted Travels of Michigan trilogy. Kat and Bev will take their readers on a new paranormal journey. Dark stories of Michigan's past each dealing with unexplained phenomena. They're currently researching dozens of leads. We'll keep you updated on their travels.

August 28, 2014

2nd Date for AN EVENING WITH THE SPIRITS: Ghost Hunt At Wolcott Mill, October 17th

Again, without hours, our 2nd ghost hunt at Historick Wolcott Mill, scheduled for October 17, sold out without hours of its announcement. If you'd like to be placed on waiting list for either October 17 or 25th events should cancellations occur, email with subject line "Wolcott Wait List". Send your name and estimated number in your party.

We do hope to return for more ghost hunts at Wolcott Mill in 2014. If you'd like to be informed when future hunts are scheduled and get early registration opporunities, email us and asked to be added to our "friends list".

October 31 - November 1: A HAUNTED WEEKEND @ OLD MISSION INN, Traverse City, MI

To culminate the Halloween season, we have planned a unique Halloween weekend at the 1860's historic Old Mission Inn, located in Old Mission Peninsula, Traverse City, MI. The weekend will be filled with paranormal activities. Friday night, a special Halloween wine and appetizer meet and greet. Saturday afternoon, guest investigators will go on a private historic tour of the old Traverse City State Hospital. That evening, a ghost hunt at Old Mission Inn will be held.

The event was announced last week and quickly sold out. If you'd like to be placed on the waiting list for this event (should cancellations occur), email with subject list "Wait Old Mission Inn".


Kat and Bev have a very busy October with 6 library presentations. All presentations are free to the public. Visit our website's main page to see our October series:

August 14, 2014

Possible 2nd Date for AN EVENING WITH THE SPIRITS - Ghost Hunt at WOLCOTT MILL.

We were absolutely amazed that our first registration for the Oct. 25 ghost hunt event at Wolcott Mill sold out in 5 hours. WOW, thank you all for the interest. Although Wolcott Mill has a very full October schedule, we may be able to sneak in one more event. Right now, it's looking like Friday, October 17th is the date. We still need a final confirmation on that.

All those who were given a refund due to overbooking, will get first opportunity for tickets should the second date be finalized. After that, Haunted Travels of Michigan friends will be given next registration opportunities. After that, if tickets still remain, registration will open to the general public.

Another Awesome MICHIGAN PARANORMAL CONVENTION (Kewadin Casino Resort), Sault Ste. Marie

Another great convention is over. As always, the UPPRS team did an amazing job organizing this major paranormal event. Kat and Bev really enjoyed meeting many new folks and hanging out with their paranormal pals. On hand was John Zaffis, Kris Williams, Erin Ryder, Chris Fleming, and some of the scariest horror guys you'll ever meet - the actors who played Jason Vooheys, Leatherface, and Halloween fear generator, Michael Meyers. They now form the Hollywood Ghost Hunters. They spoke on some of their more interesting Hollywood cases.

Kris, Kat and Bev had the opportunity of chatting for a while. Looks like Kris is working on some new series ideas and may eve ne team up with the great John Zaffis for something in the future. Stay tuned for more on that.

Their presentation Friday morning at 10 a.m. went very well. Kat and Bev mixed their humorous sibling banter with some of their most surprising stories and investigations.

Many have asked the authors if they've ever been afraid during an investigation. The truth is, they have not. However, they have been afraid after an investigations when they identify evidence that might personally effect them. And that is how their presentation ended, with the startling evidence reveal of their most unsettling case.

August 7, 2014

Headed to the MICHIGAN PARANORMAL CONVENTION (Kewadin Casino Resort), Sault Ste. Marie - JOIN US!

Bev and Kat are heading out to the Kewadin Casino Resort in Sault Ste. Marie for the 5th Annual MICHIGAN PARANORMAL CONVENTION. They'll be speaking Friday morning at 10 a.m.

Along with Kat and Bev will be many of the paranormal community's well-known personalities including John Zaffis (Haunted Collector), Kris Williams (Ghost Hunters/Ghost Hunters International), Erin Ryder (Destination Truth), and many more. There are still a few tickets available.

Looking for something to do this weekend? Head up north for the Midwest's biggest paranormal convention!

August 4, 2014

A VERY SPECIAL HALLOWEEN EVENT- "Haunted Weekend" in the Traverse City Area Planned for October 31-November 1.

Later this week Haunted Travels of Michigan will announce a new fall event. This will be a very special Halloween event in the Traverse City area. The weekend will include overnight stay at a very historic inn with a long history of paranormal activity PLUS a private, two-hour tour for our group at the Old Traverse City Hospital (a/k/a Northern Michigan Asylum). Details coming soon.

As with all HTofM eventes, registration will first open to elist friends.


As many of you know, October 25th, Haunted Travels of Michigan will be conducting the first ever paranormal investigation of the historic Wolcott Mill in Macomb County, Michigan. Registration began at 1 p.m. Friday, August 1st. Within six hours, the event sold out.

Wolcott Mill's fall schedule is very busy. We will attempt to get another October date. If you'd like more information about this event and/or want to be palced on waiting list, visit our Wolcott Mill website:

July 31, 2014

book3SPIRITS RISING: Haunted Travels of Michigan III - Winner of the 2014 Literary Award, Non-Fiction category.

We just received word this morning from The Paranormal Awards committee that our book, "SPIRITS RISING: Haunted Travels of Michigan" has received the 2014 Literary Award, Non -Fiction. We are thrilled! Thanks to all committee members for this recognition of our work.


July 23, 2014

5TH Annual MICHIGAN PARANORMAL CONVENTION, Kewadin Resort Casino, Sault Ste. Marie - TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE (August 8-9, 2014)

Kat and Bev are putting the final touches on their presentation at the 5th Annual Michigan ParaCon. They will be speaking on Friday (Aug. 8) morning at 10 a.m. Along with Kat and Bev are John Zaffis (Haunted Collector); Kris Williams (Ghost Hunters/GHI); Erin Ryder (Destination Truth and UFO Collector); Bill Murray (Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files), noted medium Chris Fleming, and many others.

Hotel package has sold out but event tickets are still available. Daily pass $45; Weekend pass $75 Website:


Kat and Bev are currently looking at some new, historic locations to investigate for the fall season. We have a couple of real truly awesome sites we're hoping to share with you. We should have things firmed up in the next week or two. So, stay tuned!

We're also organizing our fall library lecture series. Right now we are scheduled to speak at:

Lyon Township Library (Milford Road), South Lyon, MI - Saturday, Oct. 18 at 1:00 p.m.
Warren District Library, Warren, MI - Thursday, October 23, 6:00 p.m.
Mount Clemens Public Library, Mt. Clemens, MI - Tuesday, Oct. 28th at Noon


waverly14It was a hot summer's night for our July 19th Waverly Hills ghost hunting group and storms were in the air. The combination energy of the previous day's Super Moon and that evening's full moon and electrically charged atmosphere set things for an eventful evening of investigations.

We broke everyone up into teams and, after a tour of the facility, the investigation began. About 30 minutes into the investigation, a severe thunderstorm swept through. Lightning, thunder, and heavy rains pelted the grounds. Those of us inside the building remained safe and dry. Inspite of Waverly's age, it remains strong and secure.

Around midnight, our guests returned to base camp where everyone was treated to pizza (a ghost hunters favorite midnight snack) and stories of investigator's experiences were shared.

There is a child spirit referred to as "Timmy" who haunts the facility. It seems Timmy appeared at least once during the investigation. Timmy is partial to playing with balls found scattered on different floors. This time, he came through to a group. On request, we moved a ball back and forth several times. There were additional reports of shadow people. A few in the group also captured some very clear EVP. We hope they send them to us.

At 4 a.m. the evening hunt ended. Exhausted but excited by the events of the evening, we returned to the clean, welcoming room at the nearby Best Western. A good night indeed. A sincere thanks to everyone who participated in our Waverly hunt. We love that place!

ANYONE FROM OUR WAVERLY HUNT - if you would send us your evidence we will post it in our Waverly Evidence Room (

June 27, 2014


Kat and Bev are continuing research for their fourth book. The fourth book will deviate from their Haunted Travels of Michigan trilogy. Although it will include ghost stories, it will also expand to other areas of the unexplained. In this regard, we ask your help. If you've experienced/witnessed any of the below, we would love to hear from you:

The perplexing phenomena of continued consciousness. Continued consciousness includes Near Death Experiences (NDE) and past life memories. If you or someone you know has had a NDE, we would love to hear from you. If you or someone you know have memories of another life or memories that don't seem to fit in your life experiences, please contact us.

UFOs or CRYPTIDS (sightings of unusually creatures - land or lake)
We'd like to hear from you if you have recorded and witnessed a UFO event. This needs to be a significant event that was recorded either by photograph or video. Also, if you've personally seen an unusual creature or know someone who has, we'd like to hear from you. Again, this should be more than a brief sighting but something that was of some significance to you.

There are numerous reports of an unusual shadow man usually seen as you awaken from sleep. Frequently, shadowman or Hat Man as it is sometime called, is the image of a man wearing a cape with a brimmed hat on its head. There are other reports of seeing a shadow figure on all fours. It has a somewhat human shape and, on all fours, about 3-4 feet in height. This is referred to as the Night Creeper. If you have experienced any of these OR other unexplained shadow images, please let us know.

SUBJECT LINE: Book 4 Experience

June 22, 2014

The last few months Kat and Bev have been focused a little more on home investigations. Conducting an investigation for private individuals rather than a business presents a more complex aspect to investigation. Many families seeking help are frightened or just in great need of identifying the problem. An investigator needs to approach a home investigation with more sensitivity, compassion. The focus needs to remain on the homeowners and their beet interests.

First and foremost, calm the homeowners. If actual activity occurs, an investigator must be prepared to offer solutions, especially in the case where the homeowners are frightened.

Not in every case, however, is the homeowner frightened. Some homeowners don't want the spirit energies to leave they just want to understand who it is. That is the case with last night's investigation.

We came into this investigation at the request of Michigan Spirit Realm led by Maria Aistrop, a very experienced investigator. The location was a very historic farmhouse dating to the 1800's. Shadows, voices and some poltergeist activity was reported. Areas of investigations included the old farmhouse, barn, surrounding acreage, as well as a 162 year old cemetery down the road. This small, remote cemetery held the remains of the home's original family. Perhaps there may be evidence collected at the location that would help shed light on what was going on at the old home.

The investigation began and investigators rotated in various locations. All was quiet, uneventful. No EMF elevations or other phenomena was experienced.

At one point, we were in the bedroom of the owner. She began talking about her father who had passed several years back. She loved him very much.

We asked her to talk to her father, which she did. It was then the EMF levels began to spike. Not a lot. Just a couple of fleeting spikes. EMF had been completely flat in that room the entire evening. We considered the possibility the spikes were related more too naturally flowing EMF waves than her father's spirit.

Time passed without further events and we decided to move to the next location. The homeowner offered one final, heartfelt goodbye to her father saying she loved him very much. It was then the EMF levels suddenly went wild. We silently watched as the K2 meter lights shot up, flickering rapidly full red. It lasted for 2-3 seconds. Tears came to the homeowner's eyes. She knew it was her father responding telling her he loved her too.

We haven't listened to audio/video yet. We don't know if evidence was collected. However, to the homeowner, that moment meant everything to her. This is what makes
residential investigation so very important.

We will begin audio/video review tomorrow and see where it leads us and next steps. Personally, we really hope her father left his daughter a final message.

June 3, 2014

During our May 8, 2014 presentation at the Romeo District Library on "How to Conduct a Paranormal Investigation," we had the opportunity of bringing the group into the First Congregational Church of Romeo. This historic 19th century church has had a few reports of unusual phenomena, including disembodied voices. Bev and Kat led the teams on a short investigation. We've set up an EVIDENCE ROOM for this investigation:

Our June 28th public ghost hunt at the Old Mill in Dundee, MI will kick-off our summer paranormal investigations! This event has SOLD OUT. Guest investigators should be on site promptly at 7:30 p.m. An email has been sent to all registered investigators. If you are registered but did not receive our group email, PLEASE EMAIL US IMMEDIATELY at

We have two more public hunts at the Old Mill. One in July and another in August. At this time we do not have further investigations planned.

Kat and Bev will be one of the featured speakers at this year's Michigan Paranormal Convention held at the Kewadin Casino Resort in Sault Ste. Marie, MI. Other noteworthy presenters will be John Zaffis (SyFy "Haunted Collector"); Kris Williams (SyFy "Ghost Hunters" and "Ghost Hunters International"); Chris Fleming (Psychic, TV shows: "Dead Famous"," Psychic Kids"); Bill Murphy (SyFy "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files"); Erin Ryder, (SyFy "Destination Truth" and National Geographics "Chasing UFO's"), plus more featured speakers. Visit the website for more information and registration. THIS IS THE BIGGEST CON IN MICHIGAN and the MIDWEST. If you go to one conference a year, this is the one!

We're in the crazy phase of researching stories for our next book. Although the title is yet to be determined, we're digging into strange pheneomena. This is a new, exciting journey for us and we're eager to dig into some crazy things we've heard about.

May 2, 2014


We have sold out all currently scheduled Haunted Travels of Michigan public ghost hunts. We're looking at scheduling additional events at new locations for the fall. If you're not currently a Haunted Travels of Michigan friend, join our friends list. We'll send you early notification when new location/dates are set and early registration opportunities.

To join our friends list email:

Kat and Bev are busy researching new stories for their next book (title still coming). As our friends know, it takes considerable time to research and investigate each story to give you the most honest, compelling story. This fourth book will deviate from our Haunted Travels of Michigan series and delve into other areas of Michigan's unexplained phenomena.

If you want to know the basics in conducting an investigation - equipment, methods, and the process of identifying real evidence, join us at the Romeo Public Library, May 8th at 6 pm (Kezar Branch). We'll be going over those important first steps. The presentation will conclude with a short investigation.

Kat and Bev will conclude their spring library lecture series at the Flint Public Library. They'll be taking you on their paranormal journey - FROM SKEPTIC TO BELIEVER.

April 2, 2014


The People's Book Awards are an international program that recognizes the work of established or new authors. It remains the only award given based strictly on votes from the general public.

e Book Awards are run by 'not for profit' publisher Acclaimed Books Limited, since 2008 and in that time, tens of thousands of voters around the world have shown their appreciation by supporting and nominating books in the competition.

Thank you for your votes and for making our third book in the Haunted Travels of Michigan series a winner. We are grateful for your support.


Three spots remain for our July 13th hunt at Waverly Hills. For more information and registration, go to our Waverly website:

Kat and Bev will be giving a free lecture at the Romeo Public Library and Harbor Beach District library. The paranormal sisters will share some of their most compelling experiences in paranormal investigation/research over the past eight years and how it's challenged their once skeptical belief. Check out our main website for times and address -

Kat and Bev are in the research phase of the next book project. Their currently considering moving outside of traditional stories of hauntings and beginning to identify other realms of Michigan's unexplained that need further investigation. Both Kat and Bev are eager to see where this project takes them.

February 25, 2014

Kat and Bev are beginning to line up their spring library lecture series, "From Skeptic to Believer". In this presentation, the authors will share their amazing journey into the paranormal. Once skeptics, their research and investigations slowly peeled away their skepticism to the fact that there are things that exist in this world that cannot be explained. Presentation will include some of their most compelling evidence recorded over the years - both captured in Michigan and other locations including Ohio State Reformatory (Mansfield) and Moundsville Prison.


If you'd like Kat and Bev to speak at a library near you, contact your local library. Refer them to our website: or email,

Just six spots remain for our July ghost hunt at Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Details at:

We have just 8 spots that remain for our annual ghost hunting weekend on Mackinac Island. NOTE: We have sold out of our investigation of Historic Fort Mackinac Saturday night. However, spots still remain for our daytime investigations, historic haunted walking tours, and investigation of Mission Point Resort and its most haunted room.
Details and registration at:

VOTING CONTINUES @ The Peoples Book Awards
Voting for January is over and a huge thank you to those who voted for our book Haunted Travels of Michigan III: SPIRITS RISING. Out of more than 400 nominations, we came in second place. We're also happy that our book remains in competition for the annual competition. If you haven't voted yet, we would appreciate your support and VOTE!

For fthose who have already voted ... thank you very much!



February 2, 2014

We have opened registration for our 4th Annual Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island. The weekend events including day time and night time investigation. This is, we are very pleased to announce that Hautned Travels of Michigan have gained approval from the Mackinac Historic State Parks for a first time-ever exploration of FORT MACKINAC. Details, events and prices for our event can be found at our event website:

VOTING CONTINUES @ The Peoples Book Awards
Voting for January is over and a huge thank you to those who voted for our book Haunted Travels of Michigan III: SPIRITS RISING. Out of more than 400 nominations, we came in second place. We're also happy that our book remains in competition for the annual competition. If you haven't voted yet, we would appreciate your support and VOTE!

For fthose who have already voted ... thank you very much!


Posted January 28, 2014

We are pleased to announce dates for the 2014, 4th Annual Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island will be October 3-5. Details are being finalized. We are very excited about a new investigation planned for this popular weekend event filled with history and ghost hunting activities. Come back in the next few days to learn the details.

Your response to our public investigation of the Old Mill Museum Ghost Hunt in Dundee, Michigan was overwhelming. We sold out all three of summer dates within a few days. An early fall hunt may be added at a later date.

Voting continues through January 30, 2014 for Peoples Book Awards. Haunted Travels of Michigan III: SPIRITS RISING is currently in third place. We would appreciate your help in making us #1.

PLEASE VOTE TODAY! Click on the link and click on the Stars at the top of the



Posted December 31, 2013


We would like to thank all our friends for making 2013 so special. Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones in 2014. Have a wonderful New Year.

We look forward to seeing you in 2014. We are planning next year's events. We'll be putting dates together in mid- to late-January.

Posted December 6,2013


Kat and Bev are beginning planning stages for new events and ghost hunts in 2014. They're planning on returning to Waverly Hills Sanitorium in Louisville, KY this summer. Firm date on that won't be available until January 2014.

We're also planning our 4th annual Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island. The date for our 4th Haunted Weekend will also be released in early 2014. For our 4th weekend, we're hoping to share some new, exciting adventures that will offer the traditional weekend adventures with a couple of new possible adventures. Stay tuned.

Haunted Travels of Michigan is also looking some new public ghost hunts and haunted weekends in 2014. Our Haunted Travels of Michigan ***Friends*** will receive first opportunities to register for these events. If you aren't currently a friend and would like to be, email with the subject line "Add to friends" list. Be sure to include your name, email address, city and state.

HOLIDAY GIFT GIVING - The Haunted Travels Store

Looking for a gift idea for your ghost hunting friends? Visit the Haunted Travels of Michigan Store for merchandise items we suggest. You can also get your Haunted Travels Tshirts, hoodies, and copies of our HAUNTED TRAVELS OF MICHIGAN books SIGNED BY THE AUTHORS.

Happy Holidays to Our Haunted Travels of Michigan friends!!

Posted November 13, 2013

Fourth Book in the Research/Planning Stage

With the recent release of HAUNTED TRAVELS OF MICHIGAN 3: SPIRITS RISING, Kat and Bev and off once again researching for a fourth book. The next book will be a little different and will delve into new areas of unexplained Michigan phenomena. This will be accounts of the strange and unexplained. Stories like ... The Michigan Vampire ... Dryden Witches. Another lead we're following is the as yet unexplained, cataclysmic event that occurred the same day and almost the same time. The power of it destroyed towns on the east and west coast over 100 years ago and came to be known as "The Day Michigan Burned"


Kat and Bev are also beginning to look at new adventures for 2014. Excited about two new locations that we've wanted to get into for years NOW, hopefully, we can bring some of you along! Announcements coming in 2014.

Posted October 8, 2013

Haunted Travels of Michigan III: SPIRITS RISING ... Now available on Kindle & Nook

Thank you for making our newest book realease, SPIRITS RISING (Book 3, Haunted Travels of Michigan) a Best Seller! Our third book takes readers with us on our investigations in the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes area, Mackinac Island, Houghton Lake, Big Rapids, Plainwell (near Grand Rapids), Stanton, Eaton County, Waterford and Bath, Michigan.

The book is now available in both paperback and digital download.

Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island - Follow-up to investigations
THANK YOU to those who joined us for the 3rd Annual, Haunted Weekend on Mackinac island. We'll be posting a full report of the results of our investigations along with pictures and any evidence collected at our Mackinac website. It will take a couple of weeks for review, etc. ***Send us your evidence or just great photos you took and we'll add them to the sites giving you full credit, of course! Check the site for updates (

Thankfully, the rain held off for day time investigations but torrential rains and strong thunderstorms filled the evening skies. Perhaps the charged atmosphere helped stir up paranormal activity. There were several unusual events on the on the trails including *sprites* seen at the Great Manitou site and a very compelling K2 session near Arch Rock that brought tears to a few of us. We're hoping audio evidence was recorded that will confirm what the K2 responses seemed to suggest. There was also some pretty crazy activity at Mission Point theater and the Straits Lodge. Again, the full report with photos and evidence will be posted at our Mackinac site.

The night time, after-hours tour of Ghastly Mackinac was excellent. Costumed tour guides took our guests on a candle lite tour of the old fort sharing some of the darker tales, including some rather interesting ghost stories.

Now, on to planning our 4th Annual Weekend. We have a few new ideas we're thinking about for next year's Haunted Weekend that we're very excited about. More on that as things are finalized. By the way, several islanders told us this weekend's weather was one of the worst they'd seen in a long time so we're pretty certain next year the weather will be better.

Houghton Lake Dinner/Presentation Oct. 13 - Opening Still Available - Anchor Inn
Although the VIP ghost hunt tickets have sold out for this Sunday's "An Evening with the SPIRITS" at the historic Anchor Inn in Houghton Lake, there are still openings for the dinner and presentation. Kat and Bev will, for the first time in public, share the bizarre story of their investigation of the historic restaurant/bar and the results of their findings. Just $25 per person for *advanced reservations* ($30 at the door). Includes 3-course dinner and presentation. DETAILS:

Whitney Restaurant, Detroit - Oct. 26th - Dinner, Presentation, Ghost Hunt
The weekend before Halloween, join Haunted Travels of Michigan authors along with paranormal pals, Highland Ghost Hunters, for a very special evening. DETAILS at our Whitney website:

October Library Presentations
We have a couple of library presentations coming up this October. October 17 we'll be at the Carleton Library, Carleton, MI (6:00 p.m.) and Oct. 30th we're at the Capital District Library in Lansing, MI . Check our Events page for details.

Posted September 23, 2013

DOHERTY HOTEL "Mobs, Murder & Haunting" - Evidence Room Is Open
Results from our paranormal investigation on September 14, 2013 has been posted on our Doherty Website. More material is being reviewed for evidence so come back to the site as we continue to upload evidence.

The kindle version of Haunted Travels of Michigan III: SPIRITS RISING is now available at Amazon. The Nook version will be available on Barnes and Noble shortly. Also, just want to send out a huge THANK YOU for making HTM III a "Best Selling" book!

HOUGHTON LAKE - An Evening with the SPIRITS - October 13, 2013
Join us for a special dinner presentation at the Anchor Inn($30.00). For the first time, Kat and Bev will publicly reveal the full results of their research and bizarre investigation of the Anchor Inn (one of the featured stories in their newest, third book).

Evening begins with a meet and greet/book signing following by a three-course dinner. The evening ends with Kat and Bev sharing their experience during a paranormal investigation and the surprising results of their research. A perfect evening of the paranormal on a cold fall night.

Email Haunted Travels of Michigan for more information:

October 26 - History & Mystery at THE WHITNEY RESTAURANT, Detroit, MI\
A few openings remain for the Saturday before Halloween at the magnificent Whitney Restaurant. Meet and greet, 4-course meal, presentation, followed by a ghost hunt. Go to our website for details and information on registration:

Free Fall Library Presentation
Check our website's main page for information on our fall library presentations. Want Kat and Bev to speak at your library? Just contact your library and let them know you'd like the authors of Haunted Travels of Michigan to speak at your library. It's that simple.


Posted September 12, 2013

****JUST ADDED!*** OCTOBER 26th (new date) - Haunting & Mystery: THE WHITNEY RESTAURANT, Detroit, MI
Our September dinner/presentation/ghost hunt at the beautiful Whitney Restaurant has sold out. We are opening another date in October and we've chosen a very special night for our October event .... the Saturday before Halloween! Join us for either the 1:30 afternoon or 7:00 pm program on Saturday, October 26th!

Posted September 7, 2013

Kat and Bev have a busy fall coming up. Check the main page of our website for our list of fall ghost hunting evenings and presentations. Although most of our fall ghost hunts have sold out, we do still have openings at the following:

For those who have read our third book, you'll know that the Anchor Inn was one of our more fascinating investigation that fell outside the normal realm of history creating the haunting. If history alone is not the cause of this century-old inn's activity, what is? For the first time, Kat and Bev will give a public presentation sharing their experiences, revealing the evidence, and taking a select group of people on a late night ghost hunt. FOR DETAILS ON "AN EVENING WITH THE SPIRITS" visit our website:

SEPTEMBER 28 - Haunting & Mystery THE WHITNEY RESTAURANT, Detroit, MI
A few openings remain for our September 28th dinner - presentation - ghost hunt at the beautiful Whitney Restaurant in Detroit, Michigan. Visit our website for details:

We also have several library presentations lined up in October. We'll be at the Carleton Library on Tuesday, October 17th; and the Capital Area District Library in Lansing October 29

We apologize for the delay Barnes and Noble (on-line) and Amazon is having stocking our books. Their first orders sold out quickly. Our publisher/distributor confirms they have shipped new orders to the on-line booksellers but it seems they remain sitting in their warehouse. Our publisher is checking into this and should have the issue cleared up shortly. IN THE MEAN TIME, traditional booksellers do have our books in stock. Sometime the old way is the best way.

Kat & Bev Begin Research on New Book
Over the past 10 years, Kat and Bev have discovered some absolutely bizarre, frightening, and unexplained events in Michigan's history. In their next book, they'll delve further into research and investigation of these bizarre events to see what they can discover.

Posted August 9, 2013

Due to an unexpected family emergency, Kat and Bev had to cancel their presentation for this year's Michigan Paranormal Convention. We apologize to our friends but family must come first and things like this cannot be anticipated. We will miss you all!

We have received our first copies of the new Haunted Travels of Michigan III: Spirits Rising books. The printer did a fantastic job.

We understand Amazon has already sold out and a second order has been placed. Thank you all for your interest!

Posted July 13, 2013

Kat's and Bev's newest book in their Haunted Travels of Michigan book series is now available for pre-order. Be the first to get your copy of their latest paranormal adventures. This time, they're beginning to explore new paranormal realms.


You can also purchase first copies at this year's MICHIGAN's PARANORMAL CONVENTION, Kewadin Casino Resort, Sault Ste. Marie, MI - Aug. 9-11. Check out Kat & Bev's presentation 9:00 a.m. Friday then visit their booth to get your copy!

Posted July 1, 2013

WAVERLY HILLS, Louisville, KY - INVESTIGATION June 23, 2013
The day time historic tour and all-night ghost hunt at Waverly Hills Sanatorium went off smoothly. What an incredible place. The atmosphere is as naturally intense and it's histoy. There were plenty of experiences throughout the night and guest investigators are just now beginning to turn in evidence. We'll be reviewing submitted evidence and posting the results on our Waverly website. We'll be sure to give credit to the submitting person or persons!


Just a note of thanks fo te folks at the Veterans Memorial District Library in Mt. Pleasant, MI for having us out. Another thanks to those who came out. It was great seeing some old friends and meeting new ones!

Kat and Bev will be taking July off for some rest & relaxation before the kick-off of their 3rd book Haunted Travels of Michigan III: SPIRITS RISING.

HISTORY & HAUNTING, Whitney Restaurant (August & September)

MOBS, MURDER & HAUNTING @ The Doherty Hotel, Clare, MI (Sept. 14):


HAPPY 4th OF JULY FRIENDS! Be safe out there. We don't want you to become an EVP on the highway!

Posted June 21, 2013

The Haunted Travels of Michigan crew are headed to Waverly Hills in Louisville first thing in the morning. A little R&R on Saturday then the Waverly experience on Sunday, June 23. Interestingly enough, JUNE 23 is the SUPER MOON. It is the rare time of the year when the moon orbit passes closest to the earth. The moon will be unusually large, bright, and will bring with it a higher magnetic pulls. We're looking forward to see if that will impact the investigation.

Our publisher has submitted first draft of our book layout. Looks like it will be around 288 pages. Anticipated release late July 2013.

DOHERTY HOTEL - Registration Continues
Dinner/presentation reservations are still being taken for our Doherty Hotel, Clare, MI September presentation. You'll be treated to a 3 course meal followed by the story of the Mobs and speakeasy era in Clare and the notorious murder of former mob attorney, Isaiah Leebove in the Doherty's lounge. There will be evidence reveal of our investigation with Hauntings Paranormal. SEPTEMBER 14 dinner presentation. Details at:

Just 5 Openings remain for our HAUNTED WEEKEND ON MACKINAC ISLAND (Oct. 4-6)
Details and registration:

AUGUST 24th Lunch- Dinner with Presentation & GHOST HUNT _ THE WHITNEY RESTAURANT, Detroit Michigan
A few reservations remain for our ghost hunt/dinner event "History and Haunting at The Whitney for August 24th. Contact the Whitney directly for reservations. VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR DETAILS:

Posted June 4, 2013

SPIRITS RISING: Haunted Travels of Michigan III Sent to Publisher!

Our third book in our series, Haunted Travels of Michigan Vol. III - SPIRITS RISING has gone to our publisher. We anticipate bookstore release in late July. It will be released in paperback, Nook and Kindle. Work on the Secret Rooms related to this series begins.

Office book kick-off will occur during Kat's and Bev's presentation a the August 9-11 Michigan Paranormal Convention in Sault Ste. Marie, MI.

Dinner, Presentation & Ghost Hunt at THE WHITNEY RESTAURANT, Detroit, MI

On May 25th, Haunted Travels of Michigan & Highland Ghost Hunters returned for the first event in several years to the place of their most paranormally active location (story and evidence in the 1st book in the Haunted Travels of Michigan series). A great group of people came to both the 1:30 pm luncheon an 7:00 pm dinner. The ghost hunt went very well with several people experiencing responding knocks in the old Carriage House and responding K2 hits in th main dining hall. Both Hightland Ghost Hunters and Haunted Travels will post any evidence recorded on our Whitney website (

RESERVATIONS now being taken for the August 24th and September 28th luncheon and dinner events. Each includes a 5-course meal, presentation of the Whitney family story, evidence reveal, and ghost hunt. Go to for price and reservation details.

DOHERTY HOTEL, Clare, MI - Dinner Event & VIP Ghost Hunt
DINNER RESERVATION & PRESENTATION, seating still available

Seating is still available for our SEPTEMBER 14 dinner presentation at the Doherty Hotel, Clare, MI. Evenign inclues 3-course meal followe by the presentation. Lead about mobs and speakeasy times at the Doherty and the murder of mob-attorney Isaiah Leebove. The presentation will end with reveal of evience collected during an investigation with Hauntings Paranormal:


As soon as the Secret Rooms are completed for Spirits Rising, Kat and Bev will begin research for their 4th book. This fourth may deviate a bit from their first three but will focus more on bizarre, unexplained historical Michigan phenomena. Further details will be revealed as their research continue.

Posted April 27, 2013

SPIRITS RISING: Haunted Travels of Michigan III - Bookstore release scheduled this summer!

We're finalizing the last chapter of the third book in our Haunted Travels of Michigan series. It should be to the publisher by the end of the month.

Expected release date: Summer 2013

Kat and Bev not only continue investigations into some of Michigan's most historic and reputedly haunted locations. This time they also explore new paranormal realms, including mysterious Michigan ley lines and vortex phenomena.

This edition features a special section covering our investigations on MACKINAC ISLAND.

We have some compelling stories to share.



Kat & Bev Will Be One of the Featured Speakers at the 4th Annual MICHIGAN PARANORMAL CONVENTION, August 9-11, 2013, Sault Ste. Marie


Kat and Bev are very happy to announce they will be one of the featured speakers at this year'
s MICHIGAN PARANORMAL CONVENTION held at the Kewadin Casino Resort in Sault Ste. Marie, MI. Other features presenters include:
... Chip Coffee, internationally known psychic (Psychic Children)
SyFy Fact or Fiction: Paranormal Files, Ben Hanson and Bill Murphy
... Cryptozoologist, Loren Coleman
... Amityville Horror, Christopher Quaratino (Lutz). One of the Lutz children.
... John Zaffis, will be showing items from his "Haunted Collector" museum
... TAPS Roundtable with Ami Bruni, Britt Griffin, Joe Chin, Dustin Pari, Adam Berry


Posted April 6, 2013

DOHERTY HOTEL, Clare, MI - Dinner Event & VIP Ghost Hunt

Registration now open for for our SEPTEMBER 14 dinner presentation with VIP ghost hunt. Details at:

Posted March 31, 2013


THE WHITNEY RESTAURANT, Detroit, MI (History & Haunting)
May 25 - August 24 - September 28 (3 days • 6 events): Haunted Travels of Michigan and Highland Ghost Hunters will return to the Whitney Restaurant. Featured story in the 1st book of the Haunted Travels of Michigan series this historic restaurant, former home of David Whitney Jr., remains the site of their most active investigation. For each event (an early and late dinner) guesets will ending a 4-course dinner following by a presentation, and will end with a ghost tour/hunt. Each event is limited to not more than 40 people. Details:

DOHERTY HOTEL, Clare, MI (Mobs, Murder and Haunted)
September 14, 2013: Haunted Travels of Michigan will be hosting a dinner engagement at the historic Doherty Hotel, site of the infamous mob murder of the 1930's. Kat and Bev will tell the story of the Detroit-based Purple Gang and Mafia, and the events that led up and followed the murder of gangland attorney and businessman Isaiah Leebove. They'll also share the results of their paranormal investigation of the old hotel with Hauntings Paranormal (WEBSITE:

Title of Our Third Book, "Haunted Travels of Michigan 3: SPIRITS RISING
We have a title for our third book! It will be Haunted Travels of Michigan 3: SPIRITS RISING. The last few stories will go to our publisher in April with release date this summer. This book will again have evidence collected during our investigations linked to our website.

3rd Annual Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island: Oct. 4-6
Ten (10) openings remain for our haunted weekend on Mackinac island. For details, visit our website:

Although our day time investigation at Waverly is sold out, we are opening a day time tour of the building for Sunday afternoon. This is a 90-minute tour run by a Waverly guide. If you're interested in joining the day-time tour, email:

Posted March 13, 2013

New Library Presentation Scheduled for June 26, 2013 - CHIPPEWA DISTRICT LIBRARY, Mt. Pleasant, MI
We have a new presentation scheduled for 6:00 pm, June 26 at the Chipewa District Library in Mt Pleasant, Michigan. We'll be sharing some of our evidence and stories on our newest investigations and third book in the Haunted Travels of Michigan series.

Our last series of investigations have been completed that will wrap the last story of our book. This final investigation was a multi-site investigation that took us various areas in and around the Lansing area. We did capture evidence during those investigations that were compelling and make this story one of our most compelling.

It's been one heck of a journey but we have some incredible investigations and stories to share in our third book!

Post February 13, 2013

Our ghost hunt scheduled at Waverly Hills, June 23, has sold out. If you'd like to be placed on our waiting list should cancellations occur, email: with your name and number in your party. Should one of our registered guests need to cancel, we'll notify you with their email address. From there you can work purchase/transfer of tickets.

Kat and Bev will be giving another free presentation at the Lexington, MI public library. Presentation begins at 6:30 p.m.

Kat and Bev are busy finishing up the last three stories for their third book in the Haunted Travels of Michigan book series. Still scheduled for a late spring release.

Registration is now open for our third annual Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island. This year's haunted adventure is scheduled for October 4-6. Details and registration at our Mackinac website:

Post January 26, 2013

Recent Investigations
Over the past few weeks we've been busy on various investigations. The January 4 hunt took place at an interesting home. A classic Victorian style that looked as eerie from the outside as anything Disney could conceptualize for a theme park. Unfortunately, our investigation there was very quiet and no evidence captured. We could not validate the claim of its haunting.

Another investigation occurred on January 18. It was a day time hunt and the beginning of a multi-site investigation. This did turn-up evidence. Significant evidence. It was a freezing cold day when we headed out. We arrived around 2 pm at the first site. The second occurred approximately an hour later. Evidence captured was compelling.

The story associated with our January 18th hunt is powerful and heartbreaking. There is yet another site or two we'll need to check out before our story is complete. This investigation will undoubtedly be included in our third book (spring release)

Wavery Hills Sanatorium Ghost Hunt (Louisville, KY), June 23, 2913
Registration began January 23, 2013 for our June 23 Ghost Hunt at Waverly Hills. Payments came through very quickly. Faster than anticipated. We currently have registration on temporary hold pending approval of the final check/registration that came in today. We will be going back to Waverly next year. If payment/registration is sold out for this event, YOU CAN BE PLACED ON WAITING LIST for Waverly. Email us with your name and email address (Email:

Date Set for 3rd Annual Haunted Weekend on MACKINAC ISLAND
Block out the weekend of October 4-6, 2013 for our 3rd Annual Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island. This year we're planning a new day time hunt. The day time investigation will revolve around ancient Native American lore. A location once considered the holy ground for the Great Manitou. It will be interesting to see if the Great Manitou remains. We'll also be returning to an island back trail where Harvey (the Mission Point ghost) committed suicide. We'll make another attempt to see if Harvey will answer the unanswered question ... was it suicide or murder.

We have another interesting night time adventure. And, of course, we'll continue our ghost hunt at Mission Point Resort. Check out our Mackinac site at:

2013 MICHIGAN PARANORMAL CONFERENCE, Sault Ste. Marie, MI: August 9-10, 2013
Block out August 9-10, 2013 for the third annual Michigan Paranormal Convention! This is the biggest conference in the Midwest bringing in the biggest names in the paranormal community.

We can't share just yet who will be the headliner speakers ... but you can be sure you will immediately know who they are when their names are released!

Post January 4, 2013

Investigation Tonight
We're headed to another place on Michigan's east side tonight for an investigation of an 1870's mansion. We've passed his classic Victorian home many time in our travels. We've always wanted to get inside to investigation. Tonight we'll have that chance.

Post January 2, 2013

wavHaunted Travels of Michigan - Headed to WAVERLY HILLS June 23, 2013. Join us!
While most of our public ghost hunts are in Michigan, we always like to take our friends to one out-of-state location. This years, Haunted Travels of Michigan is very happy to confirm we'll be kicking off our summer ghost hunting season at Waverly Hills Sanatorium. The noted TB hospital. Featured on Ghost Hunter and Ghost Adventures.

Registration will begin in the next 10 days. Join our Haunted Travels friends list to receive first notice when registration begins. This hunt will be limited to not more than 40 people. THIS WILL SELL OUT QUICKLY!

Join our friends list: HAUNTED TRAVELS FRIENDS

Post December 30, 2012

nyeghostsA New Year! Planning for 2013 begins
We hope you all enjoyed a good holiday! With the new year almost here, Kat and Bev will begin to finalize dates on some of next year's events. We hope to have the first dates mid-January.

New hunt locations will also be looked at. Although most of our public hunts are in Michigan, we always look at one out-of-sate hunt.

We've been going to Mansfield Reformatory for the past several years. This year, we're looking at a new location. We won't mention the exact spot until we have a firm date. However, this location is **awesome**! We anticipate having something firm very soon.

We're also looking at a couple of new Michigan sites for public hunts and offer a **training** hunt for newbies to ghost hunting. Of course, we'll be returning to Mackinac island for another haunted weekend (weekend of October 4) and another late October weekend at Terrace Inn.

Haunted Travels of MI - Headed To New Investigation Sites
Bev and Kat will be investigating two new locations in the month of January. One is a 1870's mansion on Michigan's east side. The other hunt will take the authors to multiple outdoor locations. If evidence is collected, the hunt swill be included in the third book of the Haunted Travels series. The third book is still scheduled for bookstore release spring 2013.

Get some relax time in ... because 2013 is going to be a hauntedly active year! BEST WISHES FOR A WONDERFUL 2013!

Post December 8, 2012

happyholiMerry Christmas - Happy Holidays from Haunted Travels of Michigan!
Kat and Bev will be taking the rest of December to spend with family, friends, and continue research for their third book.

We wish you all a holiday season surrounded by those you love. Make some beautiful memories.

We'll be back soon!

Great gift ideas for your haunted friends ...Haunted Travels of Michigan I and II! You may get your copies, signed by the authors, at the Haunted Travels Store OR through most traditional booksellers including Amazon and Barnes & Noble (paperback and kindle versions available).

HTM's recommended ghost hunting equipment can also be found at the Haunted Travels Store.

Post November 24, 2012

3rd Book in the Haunted Travels of Michigan Series ... coming Spring 2013.
Research and writing continues for our third book. Most recent case/investigation ...

One story involves an investigation into a historic home in a remote northern Michigan location. It revolves around three strange brothers. One suddenly vanishes. Years pass. The two remaining brothers come to a shocking end. Will the house reveal its secrets?

Another story. Two EVPs were recorded, "Tommy" and "Red". Months of research reveal the bizarre and deadly connection between the two. History is indeed where the haunting begins.

htmshopeHaunted Travels Gift Shoppe Opened.
Looking a special gift for the ghost hunter in your family but not sure what to buy? Haunted Travels of Michigan has set up a site with our recommendations.

PLUS get Haunted Travels of Michigan books, signed by the authors, Haunted Travels tshirts and hoodies, and more at ..


Post November 8, 2012

BOOK SIGNING at Holly's Main Street Antiques, Holly, MI -

Kat Tedsen and Bev Rydel will be on hand Friday, Nov. 16, 2012 at Holly's Main Street Antiques for a book signing. Join the authors at the very location that began their most compelling story, "The Holly Demon" and led to SyFy Paranormal Witness "Lady on the Stairs" episode.

Chat with authors, Kat Tedsen and Bev Rydel. While you're there, pick up autographed copies of their books and even a 200 year old Vampire Killing Kit or other memorabilia from this unique antique shop in downtown Holly, Michigan.

Then stroll the streets of Holly and visit some of the other unique shops open for Holly's special Ladies Night.

Address: 202 S. Saginaw, Holly, MI
Date: Friday, November 16, 2012
Time: 5 pm to 9 pm

Post November 7, 2012

Haunted Travels of Michigan - Ghost Hunters Gear Store OPENS!
christmasWe're often asked during our speaking engagements, "Where do we get equipment for a paranormal investigation?" "What kind of audio recorder is best?"

To help those hoping to get into paranormal investigations but aren't sure what kind of good equipment to get or where to get it, we've set up a GHOST HUNTERS GEAR BAG STORE. Visit our main page and click on HAUNTED TRAVELS STORE.

In this area you'll find some of our recommended audio recorders (all with USB connectivity), an assortment of EMF meters, infrared/nightvision video cameras, PLUS our Haunted Travels of Michigan books.

A good place to explore or, perhaps pick-up Haunted Christmas Gifts!

Personalized/autographed Haunted Travels of Michigan books and/or tshirts/hoodies are also available. Click on the HAUNTED TRAVELS STORE on our main page and click on the appropriate link. Another good gift idea.

Five stories complete. Five more to go before the third book in our Haunted Travels of Michigan series goes to our publisher. One or two more investigations on the roster before we finalize the last five.

Need a Reliable, Quality Screenprinter? We Recommend Edgemont Creative.
If you're looking for a high-quality, reliable, short-run screenpritner for your tshirts, hoodies, hats, etc. We recommend Edgement Creative. The official screenprinter for all Haunted Travels of Michigan merchandise. Website:

Post November 1, 2012

November 2 - Harbor Beach Public Library Presentation (7 pm)
Join Kat and Bev for their last presentation of the fall. They're talking about their favorite Michigan haunts, including a couple of new cases that will be included in their forthcoming third book in the Haunted Travels of Michigan series. Hope you can make it out. The address is: 105 N. Huron, Harbor Beach, MI

Book # 3 in the Haunted Travels of Michigan Tentative Title: "In Search of Michigan's Most Haunted" .... Coming Spring 2013!
With the busy haunting season over, we are focused on finishing the third book in our Haunted Travels of Michigan series. We have five stories written and five more to go.

What we do is time consuming. Historical research for each story takes months. That doesn't include the time to investigate locations and review hours of audio and video to identify evidence of a paranormal event(s).

We have the investigations completed ... well, almost. There is one more location we want to check out. Now we're in the final phase of research and there are some great stories to share.

2013 GHOST HUNT SCHEDULES - Michigan's First State Prison, Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island, and more coming soon!
have a lot of exciting plans for our 2013 ghost hunting adventures. We'll be returning to our most popular events, including Michigan's First State Prison in Jackson and our Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island. But we're also looking at some new locations for 2013! Stay tuned friends.

Post October 22, 2012

PURE MICHIGAN - LIVE WEB CHAT with KAT TEDSEN & BEV RYDEL OCT. 24 at NOON ... Michigan's Most Haunted


Join us for lunch on Wednesday, October 24th as Pure Michigan (Michigan's Official Travel and Tourism group) host us in a live, on-line chat. It will start at noon, so get your questions ready.

You may want to get to the site a little early to sign-up for the live chat.


Post October 19, 2012

PURE MICHIGAN - Live Chat with Kat Tedsen & Bev Rydel ... Wednesday, Noon.

Spend your lunchtime with Kat & Bev, authors of Haunted Travels of Michigan, for a live chat on Topic ... "Michigan's Most Haunted".

We'll provide the live link on Monday or Tuesday ... so stay tuned.

Get your questions ready! Kat and Bev want to hear from you!

Post October 17, 2012

Kat & Bev Give Free Presentation at Ransom District Library in Plainwell, MI (Near Grand Rapids) tomorrow (October 18) at 7 p.m.
Kat Tedsen and Bev Rydel will be offering a free presentation on Thursday, October 18, 2012 at the Ransom District Library in Plainwell, MI. They'll be sharing their Top 5 Most Haunted Michigan locations! Audio, video will be presented.

Haunted Travels of Michigan and Highland Ghost Hunters at Michigan's First State Prison, Jackson, MI
hghhtHaunted Travels of Michigan and Highland Ghost Hunters completed their final public ghost hunt of 2012 at Michigan's First State Prison - Jackson. Following the historic tour led by Judy Krasnow, expert prison historian, the final group of 40 people were broken into teams and the hunt began.krasnow

Once again, the prison did not disappoint. Groups of people came back reporting full body apparitions in the Mess Hall. Disembodied voices messand direct EMF responses were recorded in Solitary Confinement. Besides EMF responses in the tunnels there were also solitaryreports of unexplained flashes of bright lights in the darkness. There is no electricity in the pitch black tunnels and no investigators were in the area where the lights were seen.

sol1We have set-up an evidence room at our Michigan First State Prison web site ( We are addingweset some of the evidence guest investigators have provided. Evidence from October hunts will be added in the coming weeks.

If you'd like to join in the hunt at the old Jackson prison for 2013, email us at with your name. We'll notify you as soon as 2013 ghost hunt dates are set.

Post October 9, 2012

Great time @ 2nd Annual Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island
groupOur 2nd Annual Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island is over. We're already eagerly awaiting next year!

We kicked off the event at a Friday night meet and greet. After registration, we welcomed everyone and gave a brief overview of the weekend. Next up were our guest psychics, Tammy Schuster and Terry Davis, who shared a little about themselves. Later Todd Clements (Haunts of Mackinac) spoke briefly about some of the resort's haunted locations. After that, we broke the group into two teams and the hunt began.room2200

Room 2200 remained active. We've already received several EVPs and are reviewing more. Hopefully, in the next few weeks we'll post evidence at our Haunted Weekend website (

wagonSaturday morning at 11:00 a.m. the carriages and wagons arrived to take us to Ft. Holmes. Thankfully it was a sunny morning with temperatures in the low 50's. A perfect fall morning on the island.


ladiesWe arrived just before noon at Ft. Holmes. After taking in the spectacular view from the highest point on the island and a few guests getting some of those important group pictures, we settled in for the investigation.

The group was broken into small teams that fortsurrounded the grounds of the old fort. Audio recorders, EMF meters, and video cameras literally covered the area.

EMF hits kicked off on one section of the old fort cemeterythat consistently responded to direct questions. There was also EMF responses when Ojibwa was spoken.

Like last year's investigation, it does appear some of the activity at the ruins involves Native Americans.

From Ft. Holmes we moved down to the cemeteries where further investigations were run. Last year EMF hits and recorded EVPs were captured. This year the cemeteries seemed less responsive. Of course, we won't know until after audio review if any evidence was captured.

From there we went off the beaten path to back trails.

kattrailtalkWe ended at the area where a young college student, back in the 1970's, committed suicide. At least, that's what the "official" records say. However, some believe the college student may have been murdered. We targeted questions specifically to that. All was quiet for a time but when reference to a young woman was mentioned EMFs began to respond. Audio review has not yet begun for this.

We hit our last trail on the island. This one is a location where a half human, half lizard apparition has been seen. Although we didn't see the lizard man Kat did get an unexpected visitor. It seems a spirit may have attached itself to Kat. A spirit not from the island but a past investigation and story from Kat's and Bev's first Haunted Travels of Michigan book. After Kat told the spirit to go away, EMF hits ended, as did the afternoon investigations.

theaterThe evening ghost tours (hosted by Todd Clements, Haunts of Mackinac) and ghost hunts at Mission Point also did not disappoint. At least one person was scratched, another poked, and another's hair was visibly pulled. Shadows were reported on several occasions in the balcony. Again, audio/video review continues.

Of course, while all this is was happening our guest psychics, Tammy Schuster and Terry Davis, were holding private readings for those interested. Reports from guests tell us they were incredibly pleased with the results.

We will be setting up our Haunted Weekend evidence room in the next few weeks. For those who joined in the hunt, send us your suspect evidence. We'll add it to the page and give you credit.

THANKS TO ALL who joined in this fascinating haunted adventure on the island. What a great group of people we had.

We're already thinking about our 3rd Annual Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island. If you're interested in being notified when the date is set, email



Post September 28, 2012

Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island begins!
A great group of folks tonight for our 2nd Annual Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island. During tonight's registration/meet and greet, we introduced the weekend's activities. We then introduced Todd Clements (Haunts of Mackinac), and special psychic guests, Tammy Schuster and Terry Davis.

After breaking our group up into Teams A and B, the events began. Ghost Hunt of Mission Point beginning 11 pm tonight. Haunted History Tour started at 9:30 pm. And off we go!

Post September 5, 2012

Tonight's Episode of SyFy Paranormal Witness "Lady on the Stairs" was based on the lead story from HAUNTED TRAVELS OF MICHIGAN book, VOLUME 2 called "The Holly Demon".
The September 5, 2012 episode of Paranormal Witness is based on the lead story from our second book in the Haunted Travels Series (Vol. II). Read the full story we called "The Holly Demon". The story in our book provides more fascinating history regarding Teresa Stison and Philip. Plus the compelling investigation we went on with Mid Michigan Paranormal Investigators and the exorcism of Mari-Lynn. Our website's secret room features video of the investigation, the incredibly compelling EVPs recorded, and portions of Mari's exorcism (Note: Secret Room access requires a password found in our Haunted Travels of Michigan book).

Haunted Travels of Michigan, Vol II is available in both paperback and digital download and found at most major booksellers, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble.



Premiere *SEPTEMBER 5, 2012**
SyFy, Paranormal Witness

10:00 p.m. EST (following the Season Prem

Post August 30, 2012

**SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT*** on Sept. 5, 2012, following the Season Premier of Ghost Hunters, please watch PARANORMAL WITNESS!
This September 5, 2012, Paranormal Witness will feature another true ghost story focused on Holly, Michigan. We're quite close to this story. Follow the link below for the preview (note: it may take a moment or two to load):


Premiere *SEPTEMBER 5, 2012**
SyFy, Paranormal Witness

10:00 p.m. EST (following the Season Premiere of Ghost Hunters)



Post August 28, 2012

Back at it! Gearing up for fall with speaking engagements and ghost hunts!
Had a great few days off but fall is on the horizon and some amazing new adventures await.

SEPTEMBER 5th - WATCH SyFY's PARANORMAL WITNESS, featuring a bizarre haunting in **HOLLY, MICHIGAN**
Watch September 5th SyFy Paranormal Witness. It will follow the season premiere of Ghost Hunters. We've been told this episode of Paranormal Witness will feature Holly, Michigan ... yeah Michigan! More details on this later.

Continued Writing for the 3rd Book in our Haunted Travels of Michigan series
Six stories done and four more to go, then off to the publisher it goes!

September 12th - Special Engagement to the Michigan Retired Educators Association
On September 12, 2012, there will be a gathering of all retired teachers, administrators, and former members from across our state.
Bev and Kat are honored to be the featured speakers at this year's meeting.


Ghost Hunters Weekend at Historic Terrace Inn, Petoskey, MI (Oct. 26-28)
There are still a few openings for this Octobers Ghost Hunters Weekend at our favorite haunted Michigan inn. For details, go to:



Post Augst 22, 2012

Taking a Few Days Off Before Our Busy Fall Seasson
Well friends, it been an incredible summer season! Hot summer nights and some pretty cool ghost hunts, presentations, and the fantastic Michigan Paranormal Convention.

Haunted Travels of Michigan has a very busy fall season ahead. Ghost hunts in September and October at Michigan's First State Prision - Jackson; the Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island; and our final fall ghost hunt at our favorite haunted Michigan inn. We have a number of presentations including our September engagement in Livonia for the Retired Michigan Educators. October library presentations include Plainwell (Ransom Library) and Harbor Beach (Harbor Beach District Library).

You can check out our current list of events at:

Before the fall season begins, we're headed off for some R&R. See you all very soon!

Post August 14, 2012

3rd Annual "MICHIGAN PARANORMAL CONVENTION" - Another Great Time!
upprsAnother fantastic conference put on by the Upper Peninsula Paranormal Research Society. Presentations were given by some of the industries most noted personalities including Johnamykris Zaffis (SyFy Haunted Collector); Kris Williams and a very pregnant Amy Bruni along with Dustin Pari, Barry Fitzgerald (Ghost Hunters/Ghost Hunters International). The main headliner at this year's conference was Josh Gates and Rex Williams from SyFy's Destination Truth. Additional presenters included our friend Todd Clements (Haunts of Mackinac), author Linda Godfrey, and Rosemary Ellen Guiley.

One of the many interesting presentations was led by Jeff Bellanger, respected paranormal author, researcher and host of "30 Odd Minutes". Jeff spoke about multiple dimensions and time travel. He provided some rather fascinating evidence that might support that theory.

Jeff Mudgett, great-great grandson of Herman Mudgett (alias H. H. Holmes) was another interesting presenter. H. H. Holmes was America's most notorious serial killer. In fact the words "serial killer" were first used to describe the horrific acts of H. H. Holmes. Jeff's research has led him to the belief that H. H. Holmes may, in fact, have been London's own Jack-the-Ripper, the well-known murderer of prostitutes in the impoverished area of Whitechapel district in London 1888. Jeff's story was compelling. His research continues.

fireskyTravis Walton, well-known 1975 alien abductee, was another speaker. His story has been told both in movie and book, "Fire in the Sky." As some of you may recall, one evening while Travis and a few of his friends were coming home from work, they spotted a strange air craft hovering in the sky. Travis went out for a closer look. A bright light exploded from the ship slamming into him. His friends, thinking he was dead, took off. Travis seemed to vanish from the earth. Then, several days later, Travis suddenly reappeared, staggering back into town. He was confused and uncertain where he'd been. It wasn't until sometime later his memory returned and he recalled a terrifying series of events. Speaking with Travis later, we were quite convinced of his sincerity.

Of course, the headliners were SyFy Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International alumni Kris justinbarryWilliams, Amy Bruni, Dustin Pari, and Barry Fitzgerald, along with SyFy's "Haunted Collector" John Zaffis and son, Chris. Each duo led the audience in a question/answer session. Their humor and interesting accounts of ghost hunting adventures were very entertaining.

Closing the convention was our most favorite paranormal adventurer, Josh Gates, and adventuring partner, Rex Williams (SyFy's Destination Truth). The audience of 1,000 or more listened intently to Josh and Rex as they retold some of their most joshinteresting and scariest adventures. BTW ladies, yes ... Josh Gates is better looking in person ... and very funny!

Then, when the presentations had ended the evening progressed to the Kewardin's Signature Karaoke lounge. That's where John Zaffis, Josh, Rex, Kris, Amy, John, Barry, Dustin and the others gathered to tip a few cool ones.

Another great time at the Midwest's biggest paranormal convention!

We are looking forward to next year's 4th Annual, Michigan Paranormal Convention. For those interested, the date for the 4th Annual ParaCon will be August 9-10, 2013. Mark those dates!


Post August 5, 2012

We have sold out of this year's Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island. We hope to return next year. If you're interested in being placed on the first notice list for next year's Haunted weekend, email: with your name and number in party. We'll send you early notification of next year's date.

Also, if you'd like to be added to our Haunted Travels Friends' List and be the first notified of all future events, send us an email asking that we add you to the Friends List.

ghosthuntersReservations are now being taken for our 5th Annual Ghost Hunter's Weekend at our favorite haunted Michian inn, Terrace Inn. Price for the weekend is $289.00. That includes two nights accommodations at the historc inn, breakfast each morning, dinner at the inn's beautifully restored dining room, plus meet and greet Friday night. Plus Friday night presentation by Kat and Bev where they'll reveal some of the evidence collected during the 2011 weekend. Then, Saturday night after dinner, an all night ghost hunt.

Reservations for the weekend are taken directly at the Terrace Inn. For more information, including the inn's phone number and website, visit:

Post August 2, 2012

We'll be taking the next couple of weeks off. Vacation? Kind of ... we'll be headed up to Sault Ste. Marie August 10-12 for the Michigan Paranormal Convention to hang out with some of our paranormal friends. This annual event is the biggest in the Midwest. Last year Kat and Bev were one of the featured speakers at the event. This year some of the featured speakers include, Josh Gates and Rex Williams (Destination Truth), Kris Williams, Ami Bruni, Dustin Pari, and Barry Fitzgerald from SyFy Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunteres International, and more.

After that, we'll begin planning for next year's public ghost hunts (yes, we actually start now). Then, of course, we have to devote time to research and writing of final chapters for our third book in the "Haunted Travels of Michigan" book series.

2nd Annual - A HAUNTED WEEKEND ON MACKINAC ISLAND - September 28-30
Just seven openings remain for our 2nd Annual "A HAUNTED WEEKEND ON MACKINAC ISLAND". For this weekend there are planned day time investigations at outdoor sites, night time investigations of Mission Point Resort and, this year, special guest psychics, Tammy Schuster and Terry Davis, who will be available for private reading for those who are interested. Details at our website:

If you are attending our weekend ghost hunting adventure on Mackinac Island and would like to take a carriage ride to the stairway leading to the afternoon's first hunt (Ruins of old Fort Holmes). The per person, one-way price is $7.50. If you want to reserve a seat, email:

SEPTEMBER 15th GHOST HUNT @ Michigan's First State Prison-Jackson, MI *SOLD OUT*
Our September 15th Ghost Hunt at Michigan's First State Prisoin has sold out. Each of our June, October and September hunts received overwhelming response. This is the last ghost hunt at Michigan's First State prison for 2012. More hunts will be planned for 2013 including, perhaps, a little surprise we'll keep secret or now. If you'd like to be placed on our waiting list for next year's hunts, email with your name and number in party.

Stay tuned for a very special announcement from Haunted Travels of Michigan. Hopefully, it will come later this month! Can hardly wait to share ...

Post July 23, 2012

Headed out for our final library speaking engagement tomorrow at the Mason, Michigan library (145 West Ash Street, Mason, MI). Mason is just a little south of Lansing. Presentation begins at 6:30 p.m. It is free to the public. This will conclude our July library series. We'll be back in the fall with a new series of speaking engagements. Keep checking our events page for updates (

mans2012Another great group of Haunted Travels friends, including Jenny, Lisa and the gang from Highland Ghost Hunters, met up at Ohio State Reformatory this past Friday. Thankfully, it was a cooler day with highs just tipping 80 degrees. A huge difference from the heat experienced the previous two years.

Several personal experiences were reported. Of those those, it seems the most significant came from Team #2. One of the women in the group was scratched a couple of times while in Solitary Confinement. The first time occurred earlier in the investigation and the scratches, three long bevScratchesmarks, were on her right arm. During a second session in Solitary, later in the evening, she was scratched don the back of the neck. Three sharp lines this time. Similar scratches were felt by Bev Rydel (co-author of Haunted Travels of Michigan) two years ago when she was also scratched on the back of the neck. Seems the entities in Solitary prefer to go after women.

Thanks to Scott, official tour guide of OSR, and for all Mansfield Reformatory team members. Another great night of investigation.


kidsPtHuronAuthors, Kat Tedsen and Bev Rydel, gave a very special katkidspresentation to a group of highly enthusiastic young people, ages 3 to 15 July 17th at the St. Clair Library in Port Huron, MI. We had a great time helping to dispel some of the outdated theories on "ghosts", demonstrating some of the equipment used in an investigation, and showing some of our more compelling evidence.
The kids were awesome!

For those interested, we still have a few openings that remain for our Mackinac Island Haunted Weekend. For details and/or to register, visit our Mackinac web site:

We have approximately 6 openings that remain for the last ghost hunt at the old Jackson prison. For info and registration, visit our web site:

HAUNTED TRAVELS OF MICHIGAN - 3rd Book in the Series Release Date 2013
It seems our busy summer schedule has delayed the release of our third book in the Haunted Travels of Michigan book series. We have all the stories needed but research continues on several (research is the longest, most complex aspect of our writing). Stay-tuned...we have some AWESOME stories to share in our third book!

Post July 11, 2012

Our first lecture/presentation began yesterday at the Harrison Library and Pere Marquette District Library. A great start to our July series. Enjoyed talking to old friends and meeting some new ones.

Today we're headed to the Veterans Memorial Library in Mt. Pleasant.

Next Monday, July 16, 7 pm, we're at the Oxford Library (Oxford, MI). Tuesday, July 17th, 2 pm, headed to the St. Clair District Library for our special youth's program. The following week, July 24, Mason District Library (6:30 pm). For details and addresses, visit our events page at:


Haunted Travels of Michigan authors will be taking a break from library presentations on Friday, July 20th to get back to paranormal investigation. They're returning with a group of 40 for a night of ghost hunting at Mansfield Reformatory. This year a core team of just 15 guest investigators will remain alone at the prison from 1:30 am to 5:00 am to continue the hunt.

The reformatory is always a very intense hunt, even if no personal experiences are encountered, the very building has a vibe that can sometimes be overwhelming. The decayed interior tells the story of the horrors that went on there.

This year's ghost hunt at the reformatory is sold out. If you'd like to be placed on the waiting list for next year's hunt, email:

For more information on our hunts and a couple of videos: A Former Inmate's Story; and A Brief Tour tour of the reformatory, visit:

We will admit that our summer library speaking engagements and public event schedule has delayed progress on our third book. But, come November will we refocus our efforts. We have some incredible stories and investigations to share with you!

Historical research is slow and the primary factor slowing us down. Plus, we have leads on a couple of new investigations that we may not want to pass up!

Post July 2, 2012

Investigation at Michigan First State Prison - Featured in the Jackson Citizen Patriot
huntHaunted Travels of Michigan and paranormal partners, Highland Ghost Hunters, were featured in Sunday's edition of the Jackson Citizen Patriot and Mlive.
Ghost Hunters Search For Signs

Special thanks to journalist, Brienne Prusak, from the Jackson Citizen Patriot for hanging with us for a good part of the evening. Thanks also to photographer Mike Mulholland for taking some great shots. You can see Mike's full series of gallery photos from this weekends investigation at: Photos from Michigan 1st State Prison - Haunted Travels of Michigan and Highland Ghost Hunters

Our October investigations have sold out. We have opened a new date to investigate the prison, September 15. REGISTRATION CONTINUES FOR OUR September hunt.More information on our old Jackson prison ghost hunts at:

Authors, Kat Tedsen and Bev Rydel, will be giving a series of free presentations around the state for July. The first begins with a double headers, so to speak ... Harrison Library at 2 pm JULY 10 (105 E. Main St., Harrision) and 6 pm at Pere Marquette District Library (E. 4th Street, Clare, MI).

At these locations, the authors will be sharing the story of the Purple Gang and Mafia in Michigan and the results of their paranormal investigation of the Doherty Hotel in Clare, Michigan.

Check out the locations of Kat and Bev's other presentations at our events page:

Posted June 27, 2012

GHOST HUNT @ Michigan's 1st State Prison - June 23 Hunt Update
judyIt was a hot and humid summer evening as guests arrived for our first public ghost hunt at the old Jackson prison. The night did not disappoint.

The night started off with professional storyteller and old Jackson prison historian, Judy Krasnow, shareed some of the colorful history of the prison and what prison life was like in its early days.

Concluding Judy's presentation and walking tour, tunnelHighland Ghost Hunters divided the group into teams and the hunt began.

Throughout the evening teams rotated stopping occassionally to enjoy some pretty darn AWESOME sub sandwiches and refreshments.

The evening resulted in numerous personal experiences, disemboided voices heard *and* recorded, some pretty compelling EMF and K2 responses to questions, and more.

We will be setting up an "Evidence Room" on our Jackson prison website where we'll add some of the evidence collected during the on-going iinvestigations.

One mystery remains. After we locked everything down, packed up and left it katsuddenly occurred to us, WHERE'S KAT? She was no where. We wonder what happened to her. Maybe she'll turn up one day.

We'll be doing it again this Saturday. June 30th ghost hunt is SOLD OUT, however, reservations are now being accepted for our newest date, SEPTEMBER 15th.

More information & registration for our September 15th date are being accepted now:

Posted June 22, 2012

SEPTEMBER 15th Ghost Hunt at Michigan's First State Prison - Jackson Begins!
We have opened up registration for our last ghost hunt of the year at Michigan's First State Prison (Historic Jackson Prison). Tickets are $65 credit card or $60 check. To register visit our website:

Posted June 18, 2012

We're pleased to announce both Haunted Travels of Michigan - Volume 1 and 2 are now available for digital download! Ghosts on a hot summer night. Download today:

Haunted Travels of Mich. - Vol. 1

Haunted Travels of Mich. - Vol. 2


Getting Ready for First GHOST HUNT @ MICHIGAN'S 1st STATE PRISON-Jackson, MI

Final stages in organizing for Haunted Travels of Michigan's and paranormal team, Highland Ghost Hunters, first Ghost Hunt at the old Jackson prison. This will be the first of several we'll be hosting in the summer and fall months.

This ghost hunt has SOLD OUT. If you are a registered guest investigator, you will be receiving final details on the hunt later this week.

To date, all of our ghost hunt dates for old Jackson prison has sold out. Because of interest, we will be opening a final 2012 ghost hunt. Tentative date September 15th. If you'd like to be placed on the FIRST NOTICE LIST to be advised, in advance, when open registration begins for the final ghost hunt of the year, email: with your name & estimate number in your party.

Posted June 12, 2012


Our October 6th Ghost Hunt at the old Jackson prison has **SOLD OUT**. We are considering opening another hunt date in September if there is sufficient interest. Tentative date is September 15th.

If you'd like to be placed on our first notification list for date and advance notice of registration, email: with your name and estimated number in party.


Thanks to all who came out to the Cuppa Cafe in Jackson, Michigan to hear our presentation of the bizarre and unsolved Crouch Murders of 1883. There was standing room only, which just goes to show that even after 129 years the curiosity associated with this unsolved murder remains a fascination with many. For those interested, the story and our investigations of the Crouch Murders can be found in the second book of our Haunted Travels of Michigan series.


In July our library presentations begin. July 10th we'll be giving two presentations. The first will be held 2 pm at the Harrison library the second at the Clare library (6 pm). Both presentations will share the story of the Purple Gang and Mafia in Michigan and the notorious murder of former Purple Gang attorney, Isaiah Leebove, at the Doherty Hotel in Clare, Michigan.

In addition to the story, you'll see/hear the results of our investigation of the Doherty, which revealed some very compelling evidence, that includes not only the murder but a spirit connection to the Doherty family itself. Hope to see some of our friends out there!

JUY 10 - 2:00 p.m. HARRISON, MI LIBRARY:
Harrison District Library
105 E. Main Street, Harrison, MI

JULY 10 - 6:00 p.m. CLARE, MI LIBRARY:
Pere Marquette District Library
185 E. 4th Street, Clare, MI

Posted May 26, 2012


Registration has begun for our October 6th hunt at the old Historic Jackson Prison. Response, as with the other Jackson hunts, has been quick. There remains just six openings for the October 6th event. Details and/or to register go to website:

Preparing for June and July Presentations
The writing on our next book on temporary hold while we prepare for June and July presentations and ghost hunts. Although writing is what we love to do, it is really nice to get out there and meet many of you! Thanks to all who have an interest and support what we do.

HAVE A SAFE & HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! Our deepest appreciation sent to our brave soldiers who have served or are serving our country ... and especially to those who have passed giving their lives in service.

Posted May 12, 2012


Kat and Bev will take you into the 1883 unsolved Jackson, Michigan Murders. They'll take you beyond what most have heard. What happened during and after the trials? Finally, they'll share their experiences during multiple investigations of cemeteries and the actual site of the murder. Will the spirits of the dead finally solve one of Michigan's oldest unsolved murders. You'll hear the compelling evidence.
Advance Tickets ($15) at the Wandering Owl (517-782-2780) or buy them at the door at the Cuppa Cafe, 634 N. Mechanic St., Jackson (next door to Michigan's First State Prison)

SUMMER LIBRARY SERIES - In Search of Michigan's Most Haunted

July 10th - Harrison Library, Harrison, MI (2 pm);
July 10th - Clare County Library, Clare, MI (6 pm)

July 11 - Veterans Memorial Library (Chippewa River District) (6 pm)

July 16 - Oxford Library, Oxford, MI ( 7 pm)

July 17 - St. Clair County Library, Pt. Huron, MI (2 pm - Children's program)

July 24 - Mason Library, Mason, MI (6:30 pm)

Contact the library for exact locations. These programs are FREE to the public.

Posted May 6, 2012

Michigan's First State Prison - Jackson OCTOBER 13th GHOST HUNT SOLD OUT. 2nd date, OCTOBER 6 in the planning stages.
Our October 13th Ghost Hunt at the historic Jackson prision sold out in 5 days. We are planning a second date ... October 6th. If you'd like to be placed on advance notification list for this hunt ... EMAIL: with your name and estimated number in your party. We will notify you prior to open registration for second October hunt.

UPDATE - Our Initial April Investigation at Michigan's First State Prision
Most of the audio/video has been reviewed form our April 28th investigation at the historic Jackson prison. Yes, we did capture some very compelling evidence. The tunnels and solitary confinement did not disappoint. We have yet to review all the the recorded materials, but it seems we do indeed have a haunt here.

Tickets Still Availab e - CROUCH MURDER INVESTIGATION Presentation & Full Reveal @ Cuppa Cafe in Jackson, June 8, 2012, 7 pm
Kat Tedsen and Bev Rydel, will share the story and their investigation of one of Michigan's greatest unsolved murders, that of Jacob Crouch and his family and friend. They will share the story and their experiences during their multi-site investigation and reveal the final piece of evidence that may
final answer the question, who was the murderer.

Location: Cuppa Cafe (across the street from Historic Jackson Prison)
Tickets: $15.00
The Wandering Owl, 139 N. jackson Street, Jackson, MI


Posted April 26, 2012

The evidence from our investigation was submitted to our client in early April. Her entire family came for the reveal and each surprised by the evidence. Because the EVPs were of a highly personal meaning to her, she has asked us not to publicly share this information. We respect her wishes and will not post to our website. She along with her family were, however, very relieved to hear the evidence presented. That, ultimately, is most important. In fact, the mother and her sister wept at one touching EVP. A message she said sounded like her son's voice.

We will continue to stay in touch with her to see how things progress.

HISTORIC JACKSON PRISON - Investigation this Weekend
In advance of our June ghost hunts, our core team of investigators will be headed to the historic prison in Jackson for a scouting mission, of sorts. We will attempt to identify the most active locations of the prison for those joining us for our future hunts in June and October.

Speaking of our October public hunt there, registration will open on May 1, 2012. This will likely sell out quickly. If you're interested in registering, visit our Jackson prison website and click on "Registration".

THE CROUCH MURDER INVESTIGATION - FULL REVEAL @ Cuppa Cafe in Jackson, June 8, 2012, 7 pm
Kat Tedsen and Bev Rydel, will share the story and their investigation of one of Michigan's greatest unsolved murders, that of Jacob Crouch and his family and friend. They will share the story and their experiences during their multi-site investigation and reveal the final piece of evidence that may
final answer the question, who was the murderer.

Location: Cuppa Cafe (across the street from Historic Jackson Prison)
Tickets: $15.00
The Wandering Owl, 139 N. jackson Street, Jackson, MI
Email: t

Research is time consuming but so worthwhile for each story in our book. Our investigations, as some of you already know, are just the beginning of our writing. The historical research is what puts it together. Researching a story is not a simple as talking to a local historian or spending the day at the library. It's digging through piles of old newspapers, on-line databases, attempting to find living descendants of people involved in the stories, and getting leads anywhere we can. It is the true history that can validate the evidence collection and the haunting. History is were the haunting begins.

Our goal is to have our third book out later this year.

Posted April 2, 2012

In mid-March we conducted a second investigation at the home of a client who had experienced some rather aggressive poltergeist activity (See February 27th post).

Our first investigation in late February turned up nothing. We went back for a second.

We approached the second a little differently than the first. In our first investigation, the client remained in another area while we conducted the investigation. For the second hunt, we had the client join us in the investigation and participate in the questions. Near the end of the evening, we had her go the the room where most paranormal events occurred. There she conducted her own private session while our small team quietly remained in another area. If needed, we were ready to quickly respond should she need us. At the time, nothing unusual seemed apparent.

It seems the strategy worked. Two very significant EVPs were captured that may validate our client's deceased son may be attempting to contact her.

We will open the results of this investigation to our Haunted Travels of Michigan friends after the reveal to our client on Friday. And, based on her approval, will post the evidence on our Website.

Posted March 31, 2012

Reviewing evidence from our March 18 investigation at the historic inn in mid-Michigan area. So far, one EVP was captured. Although just one, it is a surprisingly clear EVP. We'll be reviewing that entire segment of audio again. It was during this segment that a few strange events occurred. Want to double check recorded materials to make sure we didn't overlook something.

One of our past investigations turned up interesting and unexpected evidence. We were hoping to capture evidence from a past murder. While it seems we have gotten a spiritual connection to that event, something else turned up. Something completely unexpected. Evidence that leads us from Michigan to Chicago and a story connected to Mafia kingpin, Al Capone and his notorious gang. It is this kind of thing that motivates and inspires us to continue our search.

One of the featured stories in the second book of the Haunted Travels of Michigan book series focuses on one of Michigan's greatest unsolved murders. On a stormy November night in 1883, Jacob Crouch, his daughter, son-in-law, and guest were murder while they slept. There were many suspects in the murders but no one was ever convicted.

Kat and Bev went on a multi-site investigation including cemeteries where the family was buried and the location of the actual murder. Their goal, to see if the spirits of the dead would, once and for all, finally solve this murder. What they and fellow investigator, Jeff Westover, uncovered was compelling, revealing.

For the first time in public, Kat and Bev will share the final results of that investigation. The presentation will be held at:

LOCATION: The Cuppa Cafe in Jackson
ADDRESS: 634 N. Mechanic St., Jackson, MI (across the street from Historic Jackson Prison)
DATE: Friday, June 8, 2012 at 7 pm
PRICE: $15.00
INFORMATION OR TICKETS: 517-782-2780 or 517-392-6489

Our October 13 Ghost Hunt at Historic Jackson Prison (Michigan's First State Prison) begins May 1. For information and registration/payments go to event website:

A few tickets still remain for our Mansfield Reformatory Ghost Hunt, July 20 ( and our Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island, September 28-30 (

Our Annual Ghost Hunters Weekend at the Terrace Inn is scheduled for the weekend before Halloween, October 26-27 ( You can make reservations for the weekend directly through the Terrace Inn in Pets, MI.
Phone: 800-530-9898

Posted March 24, 2012

Investigation went smoothly. There were a few minor experiences but nothing significant. More audio/video to review.

Still working on review of audio/video for the previous weeks investigation. Lots of work ahead ... and then there's our continued writing.

Posted March 23, 2012

We're headed down to SE Lower Michigan this weekend to investigate an old furniture manufacturing plant built in the 1800's. Owners were accused of violating child labor laws and were known for working children long, arduous hours either without pay or very minimal pay. There were also at least two horrific accidental deaths of workmen at the plant. Interestingly, it's now used as a Halloween Haunted House facility. At this time of year, however, all the Halloween "fun" is gone and it's reverted back to an abandoned, empty building.

The building remained vacant, forgotten for many years until it was taken over by the current owners. Interestingly enough, it was as construction of the first haunted house attraction began that strange phenomena began. Is the activity real or imagined? We hope to find out during this weekend's investigation.

Final review of residential investigation turned up no viable evidence. Activity seems to have subsided since our investigation. It's possible whatever entity was there has either gone or retreated. Of course, we must consider the possibility the client either misinterpreted the series of events that occurred or, herself, inadvertently created the event (psychokinetic).Whatever the case, we decided to do an affirmation of ownership firmly telling whatever energy was there to leave the home.

We have also asked the client to purchase an inexpensive digital audio recorder and keep her camera close with the instructions to turn on the audio recorder marking the day and time an event occurs. Take photos or use the video element of your still camera to record visual events. If it becomes too unsettling, leave the house with the audio recorder on and call us. We'll see what happens, if anything.

Last Sunday we spent the night at a historic inn in the mid-Michigan area. It was built in the late 19th Century by a wealthy businessman for his daughter who seemed to prefer the nightlife of New York and Chicago to Michigan. This impressive 10,000 sq. ft. mansion brought the young lady home for at least a few weeks each summer. It also served as retirement home in the 1930's and 1940's.

We were pleased to be the first to investigate. While not noteworthy activity occurred during our overnight stay, there may still be viable evidence recorded. We have begun review of audio/video.


Information and registration:


Posted March 11, 2012


We've begun review of audio/video from Friday's residential investigation. So far, nothing unusual was recorded. Still have a few hours left to review.

Physical movement of objects (poltergeist) has ceased since our first investigation. The client, however, continues to hear footsteps and bangs in her house. Although Friday night's investigation was relatively quiet, we did hear a loud bang, as if a heavy object fell. This occurred during an EVP session where we asked the client to ask questions. The source of the sound could not be found. Other than the one bang, no further sounds, unusual EMF levels, or temperature drops were recorded.

The client informed us that prior to our arrival she had been hearing a series of footsteps and bangs. It quieted after we arrived. So, if there is in fact some paranormal event occurring, it could be our energy is driving it away.

We're also looking into the possibility of a telekinetic/psychokinetic event. This is where the client herself may be inadvertently created these events through subconscious, mind-induced control. Scientists have studied this phenomena with varied and conflicting conclusions as to it's existence. And, if this is a psychokinetic event, it would be an incredibly rare and extreme form.

Of course, we must also consider other possibilities that we will identify as this our research continues.

Posted March 4, 2012

NEW DATE ADDED for "Michigan's First State Prison" (the Old Jackson Prison) - OCTOBER 13, 2012

For those who missed out getting into our June 23 and June 30 Ghost Hunts at the old Jackson prison ... we have scheduled another public ghost hunt October 13, 2012. Open registration for this will begin May 1, 2012.
For more information:


We will be returning for a second investigation at the residence of the woman terrified by poltergeist activity at her home. Interestingly, since our last investigation she claims her home seemed to have returned to normal. No further incidents. She's not afraid now, although still wants us out again. So back we'll go. Scheduled for Friday night.

INVESTIGATION - Bed and Breakfast

In two weeks Haunted Travels of Michigan will be headed to a mid-Michigan bed and breakfast. Built in the 1860's, apparitions of union soldiers have been seen as well as the sound of laughing children.

Posted February 27, 2012


Haunted Travels of Michigan was recently called in on an urgent residential investigation. We responded within 72 hours of the phone call.

Apparently paranormal activity has been going on in this woman's home for the last 18 months. She's heard clear voices whisper in her ear when completely alone. Poltergeist activity has also been reported. She and a friend sat and watched as a lampshade across the room begin to spin. Inky shadows have been seen darting in the upstairs hallway.

What caused the woman to call us was the most recent, terrifying event. She was home alone, sitting in her living room. The time hovered around midnight. That's when the shocking noises began. Loud footsteps, like a group of people just running around her family room, which is located at the opposite end of the home.

She jumped fearful that people had broken into her home. That's when the sound changed into a massive rumble that literally shook the house. She described the sound similar to that of a huge group of stampeding cattle or buffalo or tornado. The sound began to travel from the family room into her dining room and then kitchen. It was headed in her direction. She grabbed her cell phone running out of the house on a cold February night ... no coat, no shoes. Just her cell phone and what she was wearing.

She called a friend asking her if she could spend the night. Unfortunately, the woman realized she didn't have her car keys and had to go back into the home.

The sound was still there, but a little quieter. It had traveled upstairs where she could hear it moving around. Then it stopped. Completely. The house was silent.

Feeling a little braver and with her friend still on the phone she looked around. Her kitchen and dining area were a wreck. Chairs pulled away from the table, turned to face each other. Table cloth bunched up in the middle, pictures askew.

She opened her basement door and, to her horror, saw the basement ceiling tiles had been torn down. The heavy, metal bars that once held them hanging by one end, swiftly swinging back and forth. She closed the door just as the knocking began in the basement. Three solid knocks, four times and then the footsteps. Not a group this time, just one. The steps were loud, solid, slowly coming up the basement stairs. She instantly left the house. The next day she called us.

When asked, the neighbors swore no such experience in their homes. It seemed, whatever happened that evening was centered on this woman's place.

When we met the woman, she was still very shaken and obviously terrified. We checked the basement and confirmed the metal rod ends were twisted from their holdings. Something violent had clearly occurred down there.

Without reported seismic activities in Michigan that evening, an immediate answer for the frightening event was not forthcoming.

We conducted our initial investigation. It was quiet, uneventful. We will be returning attempting a different approach in our next investigation early March. There may, however, be an explanation not related to ghosts but something that clearly falls in the paranormal range. We'll keep you updated here.


We quickly sold out our June 23 Ghost Hunt at Jackson and have scheduled a 2nd one June 30th. As of this writing, eight openings remain.

We will be returning for a third investigation - October 13, 2011. To be placed on waiting list for October 13 - email:

For those interested, we are selling tshirts and hoodies ... pre-orders ONLY. We won't have extra for sale at the event. The front of the tshirt and hoody says "Fear the Tunnels" (for those joining us on the hunt, you'll understand the meaning of that) and the back has image of the prison's guard tower with name "Michigan's First State Prison". Tshirts are pre-shrunk 100% cotton; hoodies a heavier 9.5 oz. Visit website "Event Store" for pre-order or email:




There are still openings for our Haunted Mackinac Island Weekend (Sept. 28-30) and about 10 openings remain for Mansfield Reformatory Ghost Hunt (July 20). Visit event websites for more information:

Mansfield Reformatory Ghost Hunt, June 20:

A Haunted Mackinac Weekend, Sept. 28-30:

Ghost Hunters Weekend @ Historic Terrace Inn:

Posted February 16, 2012


MPN (Michigan Paranormal Network ) is a new start-up organization led by Bill and Connie Jones, founders of G.R.A.S.P.P. (Gathering Research and Stories of Paranormal Phenomena). Their goal is to network with other like-minded, scientifically based Michigan groups to help Michigan residents and businesses in a team effort. They invite all group looking for reasonable explanations before jumping to a paranormal conclusion.

MPN will be connecting clients with reliable paranormal groups in their area. MPN will also connect paranormal teams who may need extra help on a case with our teams who may be qualified to help, whether that help comes from extra equipment, manpower, or assistance with evidence review or provide objective analysis of suspect evidence.

By working together, they hope to teach and learn from each other and further the advancement of identification of evidence to support or disprove existing paranormal theories or discover new, more reliable theories.

To learn more or join the network, go to the G.R.A.S.P.P. website: or email Bill or Connie at:


We were overwhelmed by the response we've had to our ghost hunt adventure at Jackson Prison, Jackson, Michigan. Our June 23 date sold out in less than a week.

Next week we will be opening our second date, JUNE 30. Interested? Email us with your name and number in your party. We'll email you as soon as the next credit card payment is set up. Email:


There are still openings available for our Mansfield Reformatory Ghost Hunt this July. THIS WILL SELL OUT. For information and registration, go to our Mansfield website:


Research and writing continues on the third edition of our Haunted Travels of Michigan book series. In our travels and investigations, some very compelling evidence has been captured and some incredible stories to share.

Unlike TV reality shows, the vast majority of paranormal investigations are not eventful. Its actually a lot of sitting and waiting then walking to a new location and sitting and listening some more. The few investigations where evidence is collected, makes it all worthwhile AND reinforces the reality that there are things on the world that cannot be explained.

We're eager to share what our most recent series of investigations have revealed.

Posted February 11, 2012


Open registration for our Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island (Sept. 28-30) begins! You can now visit our website and register for this unique island adventure.

In addition to more great ghost hunting adventures on the island, we're also very pleased to have to of Michigan's most respected psychics, Tammy Schuster and Terry Davis, join us. They will be available for your personal readings and consultation.

Details on this and registering at our event website:

Posted February 8, 2012


To kick-off the summer, Haunted Travels of Michigan and Highland Ghost Hunters, are very excited to announce our first ghost hunt event at Jackson Prison in Jackson, Michigan. There have been countless reports of apparitions, disembodied voices, and other unexplained phenomena. Now it's our turn to find out of the reports are true and we want you to join us.

Saturday, June 23, 2012 from 6:30 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. is the date/time. We have checked this place out. It is amazing. Wait until you see the "tunnels". Wow!

Looking forward to seeing you there. For details and price, visit the event website:

Posted February 5, 2012


This past week Kat and Bev were called on a home investigation. The mother and her children have been experiencing a number of strange phenomena, including at least two different apparitions. Most recently one of the daughter's awoke with a large scratch/red mark on her shoulder. First walk through has happened. They'll be going in for an investigation next week.


Haunted Travels in conjunction with paranormal friends, Highland Ghost Hunters, will be announcing a new public ghost hunt at one of Michigan's oldest locations. We will announce the location next week after a firm date and price have been set.

We're VERY excited about this new location. We can hardly wait to share more. Come back February 7 or 8 for the news.

Posted January 28, 2012


Open registration for our July 20th public ghost hunt at Mansfield Reformatory January 30, 2012. VIP PASS has sold out. Still openings remain for Standard Registration. For details and registration/payment visit:


For those who have signed up for early registration at our Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island event, you will receive special notification next week with a link. That link will give you exclusive registration opportunities before it's related to the public. Open registration begins mid-February.

Our second annual weekend will feature two of Michigan's most respected psychics/mediums - Tammy Schuster and Terry Davis. Tammy and Terry will be available all weekend to provide personal readings for those interested.

More information on our Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island, visit the


Haunted Travels along with para-friend Highland Ghost Hunters are working on a few new public ghost hunts for our friends to "explore". Watch for upcoming news on locations, dates and times.


We're headed into the long stretch to finish the third in our Haunted Travels of Michigan book series. Still need two more stories/investigations. In the meantime, we're head-deep in research and are writing a few of the stories. So excited to share some of these with you all.

Posted January 17, 2012


VIP Passes have *sold out*. There are still plenty of Standard Registration remaining. First Notification friends have until January 31 to get in on early registration.


Last weekend we investigated a turn of the century Boarding Home for women. There have been on-going reports of activity there mostly centering around disembodied voices and fleeting apparitions. Cause of the activity may be related to a small pox epidemic that hit this town and the boarding home in the early 1900's. The investigation went smoothly although relatively uneventful. There was something rather curious that did happen, however.

If you've watched Ghost Hunters TV series you've likely seen their use of flashlights to get "spirits" to respond. For those who haven't seen it, the method involves unscrewing the back of a mini-flashlights just enough so the light is off. You then begin asking a series of questions and the spirit "energy" somehow knows our to respond by turning the flashlight on or off.

We will be honest with you, this is not a method we use. It is too uncontrolled and subjective depending on a manual twist to the back of the light. Even the K2 meter, notorious for giving false positives from any number of explainable devices, is more reliable and "scientific" than the flashlight method. Still, it is a method used by some investigators.

The team we worked with during last week's investigation used the flashlight method. Surprisingly, we watched as the flashlight began turning on and off to questions. We're eager to see if any audio was picked up during the session. If there was actual audio evidence recorded during the flashlight session, we may have to ... very reluctantly ... rethink our skeptical beliefs.


More investigations are scheduled in the coming months. We're still in search of two more solid stories. However, for the most part, winter is our time for delving heavily into research. For those who have read our books, you know our stories are not just about the haunting but the history that creates the haunting.

We've had some incredible investigations and are excited about the stories in our third book that include the Lady of the Lake, Canfield Wretch, and a couple of surprising investigations on Mackinac Island, to name just a few. Now we have to see if the history can help us identify cause of activity. This is the really the most time consuming and complex part of our story telling but ultimately makes our book different than any other you will read.


We're currently talking to paranormal friends, Highland Ghost Hunters, on possibly two new public investigations this year. Both are in Ohio. They're both awesome locations! Details on the hunts soon!


We're headed back for another incredible adventure on the island. This year it will be the last weekend of September. Registration will begin in early February. First Notification friends will get first opportunity of registering. If you'd like to be placed on first notification, email:

Posted January 11, 2012


Today is the full kick-off for registering for our Mansfield Reformatory Ghost Hunt, July 20, 2012. Emails went off last night to our first notice group. Open registration begins in two weeks.

This year, there will be two options: Standard Registration ($100) and VIP PASS ($125). VIP PASS is a core group of just 16 people who, in addition to the regular 7:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. will have extended investigation time from 1:30 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. These core group of 16 people will have private, full access to the reformatory.

If you are on our "First Notification" list and did not receive the notice and link for registration please let us know. Email:

For more info, visit our Mansfield web site:

Posted January 7, 2012


Kat and Bev travel west today and to the site of former women's boarding home. Reports of paranormal activity have been increasing. Possible cause? A small pox epidemic that swept through the boarding house in the early 1900's.

Posted January 7, 2012


We have quite a few exciting things coming up in 2012.

Authors, Kat Tedsen and Bev Rydel, are working on their last few investigations/cases in an effort to get two last stories to complete the third book in their Haunted Travels book series. They’ll be on the road January, February and March. Kat and Bev hare hoping to release the book in late fall 2012.

Haunted Travels of Michigan/The Haunted Travels Experience will also hold our favorite public hunts and hope to add one or two more in 2012. The following ghost hunts have been scheduled. Registration will begin in late January and February:

Mansfield Reformatory, Mansfield, OH – July 20, 2012: An intense location and the site where Bev \ was scratched on the back of the neck during a provoking period in Solitary Confinement. Always a good hunt on a hot summer night. Open registration begins early February for this ghost hunt (

2nd Annual Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island – September 28-29, 2012.We’ll be again returning to the island for more private investigations of Mission Point Resort, Mackinac Island Haunted History Tour, and day times investigations. Last year’s weekend sold out in 4 weeks. Registration will begin for our second annual Haunted Weekend on the island in late February (

Ghost Hunters Weekend at Historic Terrace Inn (weekend before Halloween 2012): Our favorite haunted bed and breakfast. We don’t use “haunted” on many locations we visit and investigate, but Terrace Inn in Petoskey never fails to surprise us. What happened during our 2011 public investigation was overwhelming for a few people on the hunt, and that includes one of the authors of Haunted Travels. No one knows what will happen but something almost always does at this inn!

*****Other Public Ghost Hunts Coming***

We have a few other public ghost hunts in the works. We’re working out the details now and will let you all the details soon.

There is another big announcement coming up later this year but, based on contractual agreements, we can’t share it with you just yet. We are excited!

Again, we'd like to thank all of our Haunted Travels of Michigan friends. We couldn’t do what we do without you!

Posted December 24, 2011

To all who have supported our efforts, thank you so very much. We are here and remain here because of you. Peace and blessings to all.

Haunted Travels of Michigan & the Haunted Travels Experience have some incredible adventures coming up in the new year and hope you're able to join us on a few.

For those interested in our Haunted Weekend on Mackinac, Ghost Hunt at Mansfield Reformatory, registration will be opened in mid to late January. If you're interested in another intense night at our most favorite haunted inn in late October, we'll be hosting another Ghost Hunters Weekend at Terrace Inn the weekend before Halloween 2012. Plus we'll have a few other interesting ghost hunt adventures for our friend in the planning stages.

EVIDENCE ROOM - 2011: Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island & Ghost Hunters Weekend at Terrace Inn
For guest investigators at our ghost hunts on Mackinac Island and Terrace Inn
this past October .... YES evidence was recorded during those investigations. Our hectic schedules have prevented us from putting up the evidence room; but we haven't forgotten about it. We'll do our best to have something up very soon. Your patience is appreciated

after the first of the new year, Kat and Bev will be off on new investigations. They continue to search for Michigan's most haunted locations. So far they have solid stories, they need just two more to complete book three of their Haunted Travels series. If there's a location you'd like Kat and Bev to investigation, email:

FINALLY - IN REMEMBRANCE. December 24th , Christmas Eve in Calumet Michigan,
On this date in 1913, one of Michigan's greatest disasters occurred. Take a moment from your joyful celebrations to remember all who were lost in this senseless tragedy.


Posted December 12, 2011

A huge project begins this week! We'll be working with a group of people who have traveled from the U.K. beginning today. Due to contractual agreements, we are unable to say more than that. This next week will be busy, exciting, and very important. We'll share more with our Haunted Travels friends as soon as we're given the OK. Stay tuned. We are very grateful to those who have made this possible.

As we've posted in a prior blog, in 2012 we'll be returning to hunt Mansfield Reformatory (July 20, 2012); headed back north for another Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island (September 28-30); and will be returning for yet another Ghost Hunters Weekend at the Historic Terrace Inn (end of October).

NOW, spring of 2012 there is a possible new public ghost hunt in the planning stages. This will take us to another Ohio location with a long reputation of paranormal activity. We're working with our paranormal friends, Highland Ghost Hunters, on this and will let you know as things progress.

More investigations are required to complete stories for our third book. We've had some incredible paranormal adventures over the past year, which we're eager to share with you. We're hoping to release our third book late next year. Wish we could have it out sooner, but the research is a very time consuming process and we want to get it right.

To all of our friends who have been so supportive of our efforts, thank you all so very much! We could not do this without you. We love you! Best wishes to all!

Posted November 30, 2011

Finished off our latest series of investigations right before our Thanksgiving break. Both investigations were quiet and rather uneventful, which is not unexpected.

There were several challenges associated with our West Michigan investigation. Although we had expected this historic hotel/inn to be empty, we were surprised to discover several guests had booked rooms last minute. Obviously this challenged Highland Ghost Hunters and our methods of investigation. Sound/voice contamination became a concern. Adding to that was the fact the old wood floors were very creaky and the inn/hotel manager was concerned our walking around would disturb the guests. We respected that, of course, but it severely restricted our investigation. It was disappointing that the most active locations were inaccessible. Adding to the disappointment, the inn/hotel manager told us they have no control over guest booking (apparently it's an automatic, on-line registration). So, an eight-hour road trip ended in disappointment. Welcome to the life of a ghost hunter. So be it. On to the next one!

We did conduct a limited investigation of this West Michigan site. We'll have to be very objective in reviewing audio and will keep you informed should something turn up.

We joined the C.H.I.P.S. paranormal team for the Oakland County investigation. This historic home was built in the late 1800's. Apparitions, ghostly footsteps, and disembodied voices have been frequently experienced. In fact, a recent bridal party spent time at the inn and reported the ghostly vision of a woman in one of the rooms along with hearing footsteps walking down an empty hallway.

C.H.I.P.S. founders Robert and Shari Dowd, led the investigation for the night. On previous visits they had captured a rather clear EVP. The EVP spoke a person's name. For this investigation we were hoping to establish who this person was and what their relationship was to the home. Although there were not unusual events that evening, it was still a well-controlled and thorough investigation. We're hopeful some evidence was captured.

Because of several business and personal priorities, review of audio/video for this investigation will be delayed for a few weeks.


Quick Answer - Yes, we did capture evidence at both investigations. Some of it is very compelling.

Kat and Bev have been tied up with on-going investigations and research on their book along with planning for a future project (details soon). As soon as there is time, they will be posting evidence of the two investigations.

Guest investigators attending these events and eager to get the results, thank you for your patience!

Posted November 19, 2011

Rarely on investigations do we have any personal experiences. I'll allow the stars of reality TV shows to handle that. The fact is, most investigations are pretty quiet. Our Houghton Lake investigation earlier this month was no different. We loved the place but the entire investigation, as far as personal experiences, was uneventful. However, review of audio seems to indicate there was something with us that night and some of it was responding to our questions. Audio/video review continues for our Houghton Lake investigation.

Gearing up for our investigation with CHIPS paranormal team tonight. Headed to historic location in Oakland County. It seems that strange events/activity have been kicking up since renovations have been completed on the building. Shadows, voices, a full range of phenomena. Kind of nice that the investigation isn't far from home.

Monday we're back at it. We'll be headed out to Michigan's west side for an investigation with Jennie & Lisa, and their Highland Ghost Hunters team. This historic location is truly incredible and holds a lot of promise. Considered one of Michigan's most haunted. It is said to be haunted its former owners. Hope to find that out for ourselves this Monday.

We have a date for our second Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island adventure - September 28-30, 2012. We're planning new investigations as well as the best from 2011. We'll be adding a new Haunted Walking Tour plus return to investigate Mission Point Resort Theater (a lot of activity there this past October) and, of course, Room 2200 (also another active area this year). We'll also be talking to a few of the island's historians to find other locations with reputed paranormal activity. The island adventure continues - 2012. Registration for this will open in late January. Detail:

Date is set for our 2012 ghost hunt at Mansfield Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio. Registration for this will also open up in late January 2012.

Posted November 13, 2011


Thanks to our friends at Holly's Main Street Antiques for hosting our book signing this past Friday. It was "Ladies Night" in Holly, Michigan. There was a wonderful turnout of happy ladies and a even a few gents. It was great fun and a great time.


If we thought it would slow down after Halloween, we would be wrong. Several new investigations coming up that fill up November and take us into December.

Next investigation is a little closer to home. On this hunt, we'll be joining paranormal team CHIPS for an investigation in Oakland County. Site of the investigation is a historic bed and breakfast with reported strange phenomena.

Then, off to Michigan's west side with Highland Ghost Hunters to check out one of West Michigan's most reputedly haunted locations. There have been reports of many spirits wandering the empty hallways. We're eager to get in there and see what can be discovered.

Yet another of Michigan's most reputed haunted location is coming up in December. A former hotel now restaurant. Built in the mid 1850's, it has a long history of reported hauntings. Who or what remains is unknown. We hope to find out as we begin the investigation and research.


Authors have made some incredible headway on stories for the third book in the Haunted Travels series. So far, Kat and Bev have been on over 35 investigations. From those they have 5 or 6 awesome stories for their next book. But they need 4-5 additional stories to complete the next edition. They continue their search for Michigan's most haunted.

They're hoping to have their next book out by late next year. In the meantime, they continue their travels and investigations throughout Michigan searching out the best stories and true hauntings.


Posted November 5, 2011


Review began this past week on previous investigations, including Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, Mackinac Island, and Historic Terrace Inn.

Have gone through about 8 hours of audio from Dunes hunt and, based on what we have so far, it seems to validate a haunting at this location. This will be a great story for our third book. Still have a few more hours of recorded materials from Dunes location before continued research and writing begins.

Next will be review of our Mackinac Island (A Haunted Weekend) investigation. Although we haven't begun review, we already know we have at least one valid EVP that was identified on-site during our day time investigation. We've also received some audio clips from guest investigators that sound very promising.

Also eager to review Terrace Inn audio/video recorded last weekend. It was a crazy active weekend with many personal experiences. Now we need to see if our personal experiences can be validated with recorded audio/video

Eager to begin writing but evidence identification needs to come first.


Based on your continued interest and overwhelming response, we will again host Ghost Hunt at Mansfield Reformatory, A Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island, and Ghost Hunters Weekend at Terrace Inn in 2012. Email us at if you want to be placed on advance notice list allowing for early registration to any of these 2012 events. When sending email request, include your full name, estimated number in your party, and identify which public ghost adventure.


Kat and Bev have been contacted by the SyFy Channel and are currently serving as Michigan consultants for two of their TV series, "Paranormal Witness" and "Haunted Collector with John Zaffis."

Posted October 31, 2011

For those who came to our Ghost Hunters Weekend at the Terrace Inn, a big "thank you." We have to admit it was one of the most paranormally active weekends we've experienced. In fact, one session affected one of the Haunted Travels' authors personally.

All those who attended, we will be posting the evidence recorded from the weekend on a specially set up "Secret Room" for event attendees who submitted their email addresses. Based on the many reported experiences over the weekend, it seems very likely considerable evidence will have been recorded.

GOOD NEWS ... We will be back at the Terrace Inn 2012! The Terrace Inn has again extended an invitation for us to host another weekend.

NOVEMBER 11, 5 pm - 11 pm: BOOK SIGNING at HOLLY'S MAIN STREET ANTIQUES, 116 S. Saginaw St., Holly, Mi.

Kat & Bev will be at Holly's Main Street Antiques November from 5-9 pm for a book signing. Hope you can stop by to chat with them and visit one of the locations associated with The Holly Demon.

Posted October 27, 2011

Great time Oct. 26 at the Historic White Horse Inn in Metamora, MI! Thanks to all who came out on a cool, rainy evening to hear our story. The food was delicious! Also thanks to Tim & Lisa Wilkins, owners of their historic and beautiful place, for inviting us to share our haunted stories.

We are very eager to go back tonight for another presentation and another delicious dinner. Then off we go to Petoskey/Bay View, Michigan and our Ghost Hunters Weekend at the Historic Terrace Inn.

The rush to ALl Hallows Eve begins!

LIVE WEB CHAT with Haunted Travels of Michigan on PURE MICHIGAN. Oct.
Our live web chat on Pumicing went very well. Nearly 350 people joined the live web chat in a one-hour live session. Kat & Bev answered as many questions as their fingers could tap out. Wish there had been more time to answer more.

purmiIf you missed the live web chat, you can check in the replay (hey, it's new to you)!

Kat & Bev are back to investigating (first two weeks in November). Then it's back to their continued review of audio/video from investigations on Mackinac Island and that curious historic location near Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes.

More in the works for this year PLUS some great things will be happening in 2012.

Posted October 20, 2011

HAUNTED TRAVELS OF MICHIGN working with PURE MICHIGAN - the Official Website of the Michigan Travel Bureau
purmiWe are honored to be a featured blog on the PureMichigan website. Through a series of questions and answers, Kat and Bev talk about some of Michigan's most haunted sites and the fascinating history plus a few other paranormal goodies. Check out their new blog and please leave a comment.


On a rainy afternoon, Kat and Bet chatted with Detroit free Press journalist, Nancy Chipman Powers
, about some of their investigations and how they got started. The results of that interview will be featured in this Sunday's Detroit Free Press (Oct. 23).

HISTORIC WHITE HORSE INN, Metamora, MI: October 26 & 27
A Haunted Evening with Haunted Travels of Michigan.
One night has **SOLD OUT** but and there are only a few more seats available for the 2nd night dinner presentation. $45.00 includes appetizers during meet and greet/book signing, 3 course meal, and ghostly presentation. The authors' featured presentation will be THE HOLLY DEMON. Special guests October 26 will be Mari, the woman who experienced the terrifying visions and went through the deliverance. October 27 special guests will be members from Mid Michigan Paranormal Investigators, the paranormal team the led the investigation. RESERVE DIRECTLY THROUGH THE WHITE HORSE INN: 1-810-678-2150

For more information on availability contact the Terrace Inn directly. Reference Haunted Travels of Michigan, "Ghost Hunters Weekend" - PHONE 800-530-9898.

More investigations and planning for future book projects, private and public ghost hunts, and maybe even something a little more surprising ... coming soon.

Posted October 11, 2011

mackislandWhat an amazing time we had with a great group of people last weekend at our Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island event. The weather was beautiful, highs in the 70's and sunny. Fall colors were stunning and paranormal activity surprisingly high.

Mission Point Resort was awesome as well. Spacious, beautifully landscaped grounds overlooked the lake.mission

Friday night kicked it off with registration and a meet and greet. Around 7 p.m. Bev Rydel, Kat Tedsen (Haunted Travels of Michigan) and Todd Clements (Haunts of Mackinac) shared the weekend's agenda. Following that the group was brooked into Team A and B and so it began.

meetThe Downtown Haunted History tour was fascinating as Haunts of Mackinac guides led half the group around the city sharing the island's eerie history. Later in the evening the second half of the group went on the investigation of the theater and sound stage. Meantime, small teams began investigation of Room 2200. The first night a number of reports including K2 responses, disembodied voices, and even a shadowy apparition was spotted in the theater area. It didn't stop in the theater. Strange events continued in Room 2200. This is the room Jason Hawes (SyFy "Ghost Hunters") spent the night and experienced sounds of footsteps and the light in the room turning on. K2 hits in response to questions along with a few other strange events occurred. AND it was only the beginning.

outsideSaturday morning, another beautiful sunny, warm day. After breakfast overlooking the lake, a leisurely stroll through the scenic grounds, and the afternoon investigations began. Some of the group hiked to the first destinations others decided to register for our chartered wagon or carriage ride. It was a leisurely, scenic ride up to the top at Fort Holmes.

The activity at Fort Holmes was exciting and ratherfort unexpected. Wish we could share the details of what happened but, because of the surprising activity and already identified evidence, we must hold out until release of our third book in the series (publisher's agreement).

caveNext stop was the ancient Native American burial site with incredible history predating 1763. We didn't have any obvious activity there. However, we need to listen to audio and video before we will know for certain.

Next our group traveled to the Post Cemetery. EVP session began led by Kat. All remained quiet until the K2 started responding. Again, the response surrounded direct questions. cem

Finally, off we went to the island's most reputedly haunted trail. EVP sessions again resulted in more surprising K2 and EMF hits.

During the afternoon investigations, Todd Clements (Haunts of Mackinac) joined us and shared some of the history of each location. We were also thrilled he was there because, based on our terrible map reading abilities, I'm sure we would have gotten completely lost finding our way around things.

Finally, the weekend concluded with continuing investigations of Room 2200, another investigation of the theater/soundstage and the Downtown Haunted History tour.

room2200We have hours of video and audio to review and, hopefully, our guest investigators for the weekend will share their evidence with you. Once we have it finished, we'll share some of the things uncovered during the weekend's investigation.

Special thanks to Todd Clements for helping to make this a fantastic weekend. Another HUGE THANKS to the great folks who joined us for the weekend. It was wonderful to see old friends and meet new ones. toddbevme

We'll be headed back to the island next year. If you'd like to be placed on first notice for next year's Haunted Weekend, email your name and estimated number in your party to:




DETROIT INSTITUTE OF ARTS - OCT. 12, 2011, Downtown Holly, Michigan

Kat and Bev have been invited to kick-off the Detroit Institute of Arts and Holly's Downtown Development Association Harvest Moon Hauntings and Art program beginning at 7 p.m. this Wednesday, Oct. 12. They will share a little of the history of Holly and their story of The Holly demon. After their presentation, the group will be led on a tour of the downtown where guests will view some of the DIA's most cherished pieces of art. Their presentation will be upstairs at 116 S. Saginaw Street, Holly, MI. It's all FREE!

KAT & BEV JOIN 1043 FM WCZY RADIO at 8:15 a.m., OCTOBER 24th
Kat and Bev will be on WCZY Radio at 8:15 a.m. to share some of their recent investigations and future events and journeys. If you're not in the Kalamazoo area, it will stream live at:

OCTOBER 26 & 27, WHITE HORSE INN, Metamora, MI
Just a reminder, there are still a few seats available for dinner presentation at the Historic White Horse Inn. Bev and Kat will share their story of THE HOLLY DEMON following a specially prepared three-course meal. Joining them on Oct. 26 will be Mari, the woman who went through the terrifying experience. Oct. 27th they'll be joined by members of Mid Michigan Paranormal, the team involved with the case. Details, go to:

Kat & Bev return to the site of their most haunted inn. Weekend includes meet and greet, ghost stories, dinner, and an all night ghost hunt. Note: Terrace Inn was a featured story in their first Haunted Travels of Michigan book and remains one of the most active inn's they've investigated. Details:

Posted October 1, 2011

October has arrived and what a month it will be. Haunted Travels is headed Up to Mackinac Island next weekend for the First Annual - Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island. We picked up the event tshirts yesterday and they look fantastic! Thanks to Allen Letson and his fine staff at Graphic FX for their great job. If you need tshirts printed in any quantity, Al will be happy to do them for you at a very competitive price.

We will be holding a 2nd Annual - Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island next year. Based on our rapidly growing waiting list, it is likely the next event will also sell out quickly. If you'd like to be added to the First Notification list, email with your name and possible number in your party. We'll give you first chance to register for the event before it's open to the public.

Just came back from our investigation of a location near the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes in Empire, Michigan. The area is known not only for its beauty but rich history.

Wow, what a night of investigation we had! The hunt was limited to just Bev, Kat and psychic friend, Tammy Schuster. The investigation began quietly and rather uneventfully. EMF levels flat everywhere at the location.

The threesome had just come up from an EVP session in the basement. It was around 10:00 p.m. They were sitting around a table looking at photos just taken. That's when EMF levels started going ballistic. All the K2 lights flashed, blinking rapidly. It lasted a second or two then quieted. They began a line of questions and the K2 began to respond. Not just a little but explosively. Around the time of high EMF spikes, voices were heard upstairs and a series of other bizarre events followed.

Only a few hours into audio review, and EVPs have already been discovered ... and we haven't even gotten to the time when the K2/EMF responded. This certainly could prove to be one of our most active investigations.

OCTOBER 12, 2011: 7:00 p.m. - DETROIT INSTITUTE OF ARTS, Hunter's Moon Arts and Hauntings in HOLLY, MICHIGAN with Kat Tedsen & Bev Rydel
This October, Kat and Bev have been invited by Holly's Downtown Development Association and the Detroit Institute of Arts to kick off a very special fall night of art and hauntings, which is part of the DIA's Inside/Out program. October 12 just happens to be the Hunter's Moon. What better time for this unique program?

On October 12, the DIA will place several of their most cherished pieces of art (reproductions) throughout Holly's historic downtown district. Guests are invited to enjoy the art while learning about the history of the town.

To start the evening, at 7:00 p.m., Kat and Bev will offer a ghostly presentation at Holly's Main Street Antiques, 116 S. Saginaw St., Holly, MI (248) 634-1800 (website:

Kat and Bev will share some of Holly's interesting history and offer a story or two from their haunted files. Video, audio, and photographs will be included. Following their presentation, at 8:00 p.m., the group will be guided on a tour through Downtown Holly to view the special pieces of art from the DIA.

An interesting and informative evening awaits those who attend. THIS EVENT IS FREE.

Openings remain for Kat & Bev's haunted October events. For their White Horse Inn dinner presentation they will present their most stunning case, The Holly Demon. For their Oct. 26 presentation their special guest will be Mari, the woman who experienced the terrifying events and went through the Exorcism/Deliverance. On the second night, they will have the founders of Mid Michigan Paranormal Investigator with them, lead investigators on the case. DETAILS:

Our favorite haunted Michigan inn, Terrace Inn, in beautiful Petoskey, MI. There are still a few rooms available for the All Hallows Ghost Hunters Weekend Oct. 29-30. Weekend includes Friday night meet & greet, book signing, and sharing of ghost stories. Saturday includes dinner at the inn's beautifully restored dining room. After dinner, Kat and Bev present the history of the inn and its haunting. For the first time, they will reveal evidence captured at last year's Ghost Hunters Weekend. Following that, guests will go on an all night ghost hunt at the inn

Posted September 26, 2011

Investigation near Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes
Pouring rain and thunderstorms as we head out for our investigation near Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes this morning. I mean it is really coming down. Weather is reporting similar in the Dunes as well. Some believe the electricity from a good thunderstorms kicks up the paranormal activity as a result of a highly charged atmosphere. Hope that's true!

OCTOBER 12th - HAUNTED TRAVELS TO PRESENT in Holly, Michigan. Part of the DETROIT INSTITUTE OF ARTS Inside/Out Program.
On October 12 (Wednesday) Downtown Holly will be the temporary home of several reproduction paintings representing the Detroit Institute of Art's most cherished pieces of work. Haunted Travels of Michigan is very pleased to have been asked to Join the Detroit Institute of Arts at this special fall Inside/Out event in Holly, Michigan.

Kat and Bev will kick off the program by sharing a bit of the history and haunting in Holly, Michigan. Presentation begins at 7:00 p.m., Holly's Main Street Antiques in Holly, MI. Following their presentation, a walking tour of Holly will begin. This is a free event

Posted September 20, 2011

A Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island - 2nd Weekend Planned for 2012
Due to overwhelming response of our Oct. 7-8 Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island and a rapidly growing waiting list, Haunted Travels will be holding another weekend on the island next year. To get your name on the "First Notification" list for next year email: This will give you advance notice and opportunity to register before it's released to other Haunted Travels friends and the general public.

The Rush to All Hallows Night - October 26, 27, 28, 29
Kat and Bev will join in the excitement before Halloween with non-stop stories and ghost hunting this October.

A Haunted Evening with Haunted Travels of Michigan @ the Historic White Horse Inn, Metamore, MI: OCTOBER 26 & 27
Following one of the Historic Whitefish Inn's specially prepared 3-course meals, sit back as Kat and Bev take you on a journey into some of Michigan's most haunted. Featured for the night will be their most bizarre investigation and case, The Holly Demon. SPECIAL GUESTS: October 26, joining Kat and Bev will be Mari, the woman who went through the deliverance/exorcism. October 27, we have another special guest that will be announced shortly. Call White Horse Inn for reservations: 810-678-2150

A Ghost Hunters Weekend at the Historic Terrace Inn: OCTOBER 28-30.
There are still a few rooms remaining for our Ghost Hunters Weekend at the Terrace Inn. Weekend includes meet & greet with appetizers, book signing, followed by the group gathering to share ghost stories. Saturday enjoy dinner at the inn's beautiful restored 19th Century dining room. Then, gather around as the Story of Abby Sweet and the Terrace Inn is shared. Kat and Bev's presentation will conclude the reveal of evidence from last year's Ghost Hunters Weekend ... and the evidence is, once again, compelling. After the presentation, an all night ghost hunt begins.
Price: $259 (based on 2 people, includes all ghostly activity, dinner Saturday night, and continental breakfast east morning).
Call the Terrace Inn for reservations. RESERVATIONS: 800-530-9898

Investigations and research continue for the 3rd book in the Haunted Travels Series
For those who wonder what a writer's life is like, we can tell you it is not nearly as exciting as our TV friend, Richard Castle's adventurous life. Our days are spent fishing through volumes of historical newspapers, census records, birth and death records and following up new leads on possible hautings. That, of course, does not including the hours and hours of audio and video we review after each investigation.

And, here's the kicker, unlike TV reality ghost hunting shows, the vast majority of investigations turn up nothing. That's right, nothing! We use a high degree of objectivity and skepticism in each investigation and the selection of evidence. We've been on dozens of investigations this year and so far have four or five very good stories. We still have more investigations lined up well into November ... and some incredible locations to investigate!

At the end September we'll be heading to the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes area of northwestern Lower Michigan. This investigation will center around the home of three eccentric, wealthy brothers. One day, one of the brothers mysteriously disappeared. Several years later, the two other brothers turned up dead in the home. Adding to the mystery, it's thought the eccentric brothers may have buried a large sum of cash somewhere on the property. Then, of course, there's that strange patch of cement in the basement that is about the same size as a coffin. The missing brother?

Want to join Haunted Travels on a private investigations?
If you have a lead for a possible haunting/story, email us at It needs to be a public location. If we feel it's a good story and you help get us in to the location, you'll be our special guest investigator for the investigation.

Posted August 31, 2011

FALL SCHEDULE of Presentations & Public Ghost Hunts
A Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island - Oct. 7-8. So far no cancellations for this sold out event. Should there be cancellations, we will notify via email all people on our waiting list. First to respond will get the opening.

We will be returning next year to MACKINAC ISLAND for another ghost hunt/paranormal weekend. To be placed on first notification for early registration, email:

A Haunted Evening with Haunted Travels of Michigan Authors, @ The HISTORIC WHITE HORSE INN, Metamora, MI (Lapeer County) - Oct. 26-27. Evening includes appetizers, meet and greet, three-course dinner. After dinner, sit back and relax as authors, Kat Tedsen and Bev Rydel, mix a bit of humor with the macabre as they share a few of their ghostly experience at some of Michigan's most reputed haunted locations. The evening's story telling will conclude with their surprising, Holly Demon case. Price for the entire evening, $45 per person (plus tax & gratuity). LIMITED SEATING. Make reservations earl. PHONE: 810-678-2150.

A Ghost Hunter's Weekend @ the TERRACE INN, Petoskey, MI - Oct. 28-30. Spend the weekend at one of Michigan's most haunted inns. One of the featured stories in the first Haunted Travels of Michigan book. It remains one of Kat's and Bev's most haunted investigations and features an amazing history.

The weekend includes Friday night appetizers, meet and greet and book signing followed by a short gathering to share ghost stories. Saturday afternoon is open for guests to enjoy a scenic drive along Lake Michigan, shopping in the nearby Gaslight District or, if you're feeling lucky, stop by the nearby casino. Guest will enjoy a delicious dinner at the inn's beautifully restored dining room. Following dinner, gather around at Kat and Bev's share some of the history of the Terrace Inn and inn's haunting. Also, during their presentation, Kat and Bev will reveal the evidence recorded during last year's haunted weekend. At the conclusion of the presentation, guests will go on an all-night ghost hunt at the inn. Price $259 (for 2 people). Price covers 2 nights lodging, continental breakfast, Saturday night dinner, and all ghostly events. Reservations through the Terrace Inn. PHONE: 800-530-9898

Investigations Continue for the 3rd book in the Haunted Travels Series

After a short break, the authors are back researching and investigating locations for possible stories in their third Haunted Travels of Michigan book. There are some incredible cases being researched including the Human Vampire, Lady of the Lake legend, and another investigation at Michigan's oldest inn/restaurant (built in 1850). It served as a stagecoach stop in its early days. Decades and decades of reported activity.

Kat's and Bev's next investigation will take them to northwestern Lower Michigan as they check out reports of a haunted bed and breakfast not far from Lake Michigan. Another scheduled investigation includes a northern Michigan restaurant and hotel built in the 1860's. It has seen more than it's share of tragedy AND was said to be a mob hangout in the 1920's and 1930's. During recent renovations, the hotel has had numerous reports of phenomena, including fleeting apparitions and disembodied voice.

More cases coming in every day. Lots going on and a full schedule as the end of summer approaches and warm days of summer turn into the cold nights of autumn.

Posted August 20, 2011

ghostWhat an incredible time we had at the 2nd Annual Michigan Paranormal convention hosted by the Upper Peninsula Paranormal Research Society! It was fantastic to see so many of our friends come out and wonderful to meet new friends.

The attendance was huge, once again. We don't have totals in yet but from the crowds, I'd say it was over 1,000. Day time presentations were informative and educational. dustinlisa

Dustin and Britt talked about some of the latest gadgets used for investigating. Their suggestion, the one piece of equipment with the greatest potential for identifying paranormal evidence is the full spectrum video camera and a Zoom audio recorder (high def audio).

Carmen Reed shared her bizarre life and the events surrounding her son's life-changing experiences. Of course, Carmen is the real mother from which the movie, A Haunting in Connecticut, was based.

zaffisJohn Zaffis and Rosemary Ellen Guiley are just beginning their research on Djinn. The Djinn (Genies) are based on Arab folklore and Islamic teaching. They can be good or bad and are capable of taking many shapes. John and Ellen are still on the fringe of understanding this entity. We're looking forward to hearing where their research leads them.

Stan Friedman, UFO expert, shared some of the most compelling evidence of ET visits and showed documentation that seems to validate a government cover-up of the UFO phenomena. The question remains ... why? Stan's favorite saying about the government's claim that there are no UFOs ... "Don't bother me with the facts. I have my mind made up."

katbevpresAlso presenting were Bev and Kat, authors of Haunted Travels of Michigan. Representing the great state of Michigan, they started things on the lighter side but moved their presentation to the darker, bizarre Holly Demon case.

For those who have read the second Haunted Travels of Michigan book, The Holly Demon story featured paranormal team Mid Michigan Paranormal Investigators, headed by Matt and Melanie Moyer. The deliverance was mattmelperformed by Pastor G. P. Haggart. The entire Mid Michigan team along with G.P. Haggart were in attendance.




Of course, one of the big headliners for the weekend were Steve and Tango from TAPS/SyFy's Ghost Hunters. They bantered back and forth with each other, just like they do on the TV series, and answered a variety of questions from the audience.

Saturday night's VIP dinner was delicious and the room packed. During the dinner, Kat and Bev sat with Stan Friedman, Dustin Pari, Linda Godfrey, and Lisa Smith (psychic as heard on CBS radio) and chatted about anything from the new app's Linda's husband added to his new smart phone to Stan's latest international travels. A great time with an incredible group of people

After dinner, some went off on the Haunted Ghost Tours of Sault Ste. Marie while others hung out in the Karaoke bar. Of course, there may also have been a few in the casino taking their chance at lady luck.

upprsThanks so much to Tim, Brad, Lance and the incredible Upper Peninsula Paranormal Research Society team for putting together such an enjoyable and interesting group of people. Also thanks to the Kewadin Resort and Casino for making sure everyone was accommodated. Great time with a great group of people.


Posted August 11, 2011

2nd Annual MICHIGAN PARANORMAL CONVENTION, Aug. 12-13. Bev and I are packing our bags and heading up to the Midwest's BIGGEST paranormal convention. Last year over 1,000 attended. This year even more are expected!

If you need something to do this weekend, come on up! There are still tickets available. DETAILS go to the con's website:

The most well-known names in the paranormal community will be represented here:

... Steve & Tango (TAPS/Ghost Hunters)
... Dustin Pari & Britt Griffin (TAPS/Ghost Hunters & GHI)
... John Zaffis (SyFY Haunted Collector)
... Stan Friedman (UFO expert)
...Carmen Reed (actual mother from a Haunting in Connecticut)
Authors - Linda Godfrey ... Rosemary Ellen Guiley ... Kat Tedsen & Bev Rydel .
... Jeff Bellanger ... and many more ...

Bev and I will be speaking Saturday morning at 10 a.m. We'll be sharing two of our most compelling investigations/stories ... Michigan's most haunted inn and the bizarre Holly Demon case.

If you're coming by, be sure to stop by and say hello! For all headed up, be safe!

Posted July 25, 2011

MANSFIELD REFORMATORY GHOST HUNT with HAUNTED TRAVELS - Our July 22nd HUNT AND OUR RETURN in 2012. Our road trip to Mansfield was not uneventful. It began with late mans2011start (trying to chase down a mail truck with our new tshirts). Next, on a very busy I-75 in Toledo, a flat tire/blowout took us off road for a while. Then, back on the road with a little donut tire as substitute. As we neared Mansfield, we hit one of the worst thunderstorms and torrential rains we've encountered for a while. With barely minutes to spare, we made it to Mansfield.

It was worth the crazy drive. What a night we had. Storms still lingered in the air and the the atmosphere was charged. it seems the storms kicked up more than usual activity at the reformatory. Several reports of apparitions were seen in the Assistant Warden's office and Solitary Confinement. Knocks in response to questions, footsteps, and disembodied voices. Like Bev last year, another woman received a series of scratches on the back of her neck. Strangely, the straight angles of the scratch marks seemed to spell a name (Tim or Tom). That may well have been a coincidence but the scratches were very real.

We'll be reviewing audio/video in the next few weeks to see what was actually captured. By the end of the night, our group was exhausted but very excited about the night's adventure. We'll be posting a video of the night's event (likely after our August 12-13 presentation at Michigan Paranormal Convention, Sault Ste. Marie, MI).

RETURN TO MANSFIELD in 2012 ... JOIN OUR FIRST NOTIFICATION LIST: We'll be returning to Mansfield in 2012. We hope to get a firm date after the first of the new year. This event always sells out very quickly. If you'd like to be placed on "First Notification" for this event, email:


NEXT ON THE SCHEDULE - 2nd ANNUAL MICHIGAN PARANORMAL CONVENTION: AUGUST 12-13, 2011. This is the convention of the year ... Steve & Tango (TAPS), Dustin Pari, John Zaffis, Stan Friedman (noted UFO expert), and many more will be on hand.

Bev and I will be speaking Saturday morning at 10 a.m. - 11 a.m. Bring your coffee and sit back, we'll take you on a paranormal journey on two of our favorite Michigan haunts ... including our surprising demon investigation. Click the link below for more details!

Posted July 21, 2011

miparacon2nd ANNUAL MICHIGAN PARANORMAL CONVENTION, Sault Ste. Marie - AUG. 12-13
Held at the fabulous Kewadin Casino and Resort, Sault Ste. Marie, MI

The Midwest's biggest paranormal convention happens August 12 - 13th. The best known names in the paranormal community will be presenting:

... Steve & Tango (SyFy Ghost Hunters)
... Dustin Pari & Britt Griffin (SyFy Ghost Hunters & Ghost Hunters International)
... John Zaffis (SyFy Haunted Collector)
... Stan Friedman (UFO Expert)
... Linda Godfrey and Jeff Belanger
... The real mother from "Haunting in Connecticut"
... PLUS Haunted Travels of Michigan authors, Kat Tedsen & Bev Rydel **Bev & Kat will be presenting Saturday morning, 10-11 am.**

If you go to one paranormal convention this year, MiParaCon is it! An incredible paranormal weekend.

Just $60.00 for a full weekend of presentations & Events ($80.00 if you want to attend the VIP Dinner on Saturday night).

TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE! Go to website for details & ticket information:

Posted July 10, 2011

NEW INVESTIGATIONS. As summer heats up Haunted Travels is on the road with a full schedule of new investigations and following-up leads on new haunted stories. Just a couple of these include:

HOME OF THE HERMIT BROTHERS: On our schedule is a beautiful bed and breakfast, built in the last 1800's. But it wasn't always so beautiful. It was owned by the same family-line for 160 years. The last remaining family who resided there were three eccentric, hermit brothers. One brother mysteriously disappeared after an argument with his siblings. He was never heard from again. A few years later, the two remaining brothers turned up dead in their home. Adding to the mystery is the belief that, somewhere on the property, is buried a large stash of money. Then there is the basement and the strange section of flooring that was obviously put in after the original home was built. Could that be the grave of the missing brother?

CULT LEADER OF THE EARLY 1900's: Also on our schedule will be the investigation of a late 1890's to the mid-1920 cult leader. This driven, psychotic man believed he was the second Jesus Christ. He drew a massive group of obsessive followers and what happened during his reign is more than bizarre.=

MANSFIELD REFORATORY - GHOST HUNT JULY 22nd. Only a few short weeks until our group investigation at Mansfield Reformatory. From what we've heard from staff at the prison, activity has been kicking up over the last 2 weeks. For those registered for this ghost hunt, be sure to show up outside the gate at 7:00 p.m. for check-in. Also remember, brings lots of batteries. Last reminder DO NOT WEAR SANDALS for this investigation. Email us if you want to be placed on

For those that couldn't make it for this year's investigation, we'll be headed back next year. Be on the first notification list...JOIN OUR HAUNTED TRAVELS FRIENDS LIST.

HAUNTED WEEKEND ON MACKINAC ISLAND - OCT. 7-8. This event sold out in a quick 3 weeks. Because of the overwhelming response, we will be scheduling another Haunted Weekend on the island next year. To be placed on the first notice list, join our JOIN OUR HAUNTED TRAVELS FRIENDS LIST.. As a member of our friends list, you'll not only be notified in advance of our Mackinac Weekend but other public ghost hunts and events as well.

HAUNTED TRAVELS T-SHIRTS. For those who have placed pre-orders on our new Haunted thefaceladyforestTravels Tshirts ... we received proofs on Friday and they looked **awesome**. For others who may be interested, price is $22.50 plus $5.00 shipping. If you haven't seen our newest designs here they are. You can see a close-up in our Haunted Travels Store.

The shirts are all black, 50-50 poly/cotton blend.





Haunted travels of Michigan books (1 and 2) are available for sale at most major booksellers and Or, you can get copies, signed by the authors, from the Haunted Travels Store.

Registrations for this October 28-30 weekend at our favorite haunted inn are coming in quickly. We suggest making reservations as soon as possible before it is sold out.

For this weekend, we'll be revealing the evidence collected at last year's event PLUS share the story of the history and haunting of this beautiful, historic inn. NOTE: Terrace Inn was a featured story in our first "Haunted Travels of Michigan" book.

Posted June 3, 2011

AUTHORS HEADED TO HAUNTED COURTHOUSE & JAIL. Built in 1885, this historic courthouse has seen some of Michigan's more sensational cases of the late 1800's including the infamous "Canfield Wretch" murder trial. Never heard of it? You will.

LAST INVESTIGATION - EVIDENCE REVIEW UPDATE: We've gotten through a few hours of audio and video of our last investigation with interesting results. As mentioned in a previous blog, the site of this investigation dated back to the 1830's and was said to be a stop on the Underground Railroad. In addition the location may well have been a stop by mob-boss Al Capone.

During our investigation, a few personal experiences occurred. Bev and I rarely feel or personally experience anything. So, this personal experience was rare. For those who know us, we do not consider personal experiences evidence of a paranormal event. In this case, however, audio evidence was recorded at the same time. Review of audio/video continues.

MANSFIELD REFORMATORY - JULY 22nd Ghost Hunt with Haunted Travels. To all registered guest investigators, our July 22nd investigation date draws near! This is an intense investigation, even if you don't have a personal experience. Trust me on that! A note, because of the very narrow cellblock walkways and the number of stairs, keep you equipment minimal. Flashlights, held video cameras, still cameras, and audio recorders are encouraged but it is recommended you bring only a small pack for storing batteries (bring lots of batteries).

HAUNTED TRAVELS T-SHIRTS. For those who have placed pre-orders on our new Haunted thefaceladyforestTravels Tshirts ... UPDATE. Our screen printer is working on them now ... making sure the screens are *perfect*. We hope to have them in a couple of weeks. For others who may be interested, price is $22.50 plus $5.00 shipping. If you haven't seen our newest designs here they are. You can see a close-up in our Haunted Travels Store.

The shirts are all black, 50-50 poly/cotton blend.

If you'd like to place your pre-order email: ... give quantity and size(s).



WANT KAT & BEV TO SPEAK AT YOUR LIBRARY OR SPECIAL EVENT? If you'd like Kat and Bev to speak at your local library, contact your library and let them know it. If you're hosting an event and would be interested in having us speak, contact us at:

Posted May 24, 2011

AUTHORS ON NEW INVESTIGATIONS. Investigation schedule for Kat & Bev have been kicking up. In the past three weeks they've been on 3 paranormal investigations and completed site checks on two other sites ... and they're reviewing a few new locations.

LADY ON THE LAKE Ghost Story. One of the locations and interesting stories the authors have begun investigating and research is the legend of the "Lady on the Lake." This investigation took the authors to a scenic wooded location in Lower Michigan.

Here is a short video that details the story of the haunting.


"THANKS" to the ST. CLAIR COUNTY LIBRARY. Thanks to the fine folks at the St. Clair County Library who were so accommodating to us. And a special special thanks to the fantastic group of people who came out to hear our presentation. It was wonderful to meet everyone. Hope to be back again ... maybe this fall.

HAUNTED TRAVELS T-SHIRTS SOON AVAILBLE FOR SALE. You can pre-order your shirts now or purchase one of the Haunted Travels of Michigan books (signed by the authors) at the Haunted Travels Store (

MANSFIELD REFORMATORY, July 22, 2011. To all our registered investigators ... it looks like everyone's Release Forms have been turned in. Thanks! Deadline for refunds for this event is May 31, 2011, that's when all release forms and payment are submitted to Reformatory management. After May 31 no refunds, for any reason, are accepted by Mansfield Reformatory. Questions? Email:

A HAUNTED WEEKEND ON MACKINAC ISLAND, Oct. 7-8. Although this event has sold out, we are still accepting "Waiting List" requests. If you'd like to be added to the wait list, email: with your name and number of people in your party.

A GHOST HUNTERS WEEKEND at the HISTSORIC TERRACE INN, Oct. 28-29. This is the site of our most fascinating investigation. Those who have seen our presentation and/or read our book KNOW this is one of the most paranormally active inns we have ever investigated. And it continues to be active.

During last year's Ghost Hunters Weekend additional evidence was collected. The results of last year's investigation along with all the other evidence recorded over our investigations will be revealed this weekend.. PLUS, as before, on Saturday night all registered guests at the inn will go on a private ghost hunt. A beautiful, historic and haunted inn ... always an interesting time here.

Hotel management tells us registrations are already coming in for this year's event. We suggest making reservations early. Event website details at:
Reservation Phone: 800-530-9898. Website:

Posted April 23, 2011

THANKS TO THE ANWTERP SUNSHINE LIBRARY. Our sincere thanks to Kay McAdam and the staff at Antwerp Sunshine Library for making us feel so welcome. And a HUGE thank you to all the people who came out on a cold, rainy night. We had a great time and hope to see you all again!

NEW INVESTIGATIONS ... Michigan's West Side. We're headed back to the west side of Michigan for another investigation. It seems the activity at this 1800's lodge is frequent with the most recent occurring just this past weekend. We were contacted my someone who was spending the weekend and ended up packing her bags and leaving. According to her email to us, the first night she awoke to see the faded apparition of an elderly woman in a rocking chair. The next night she awoke to the feeling of a boney, skeleton-type man who had laid down in bed next to her. It was then she got up, packed her bags, and left. We'll be spending the weekend alone at the lodge to see if we can validate or, possibly, identify the cause of those visions and other reported activity.

HAUNTED TRAVELS STORE IS OPEN. We've just setup an expanded Haunted Travels store. If you're interested in Haunted Travels tshirt "couture", our high-intensity, mini-flashlight and, of course, Haunted Travels of Michigan books (signed by the authors), visit:


A Haunted Weekend on Mackinac island. We are overwhelmed by the incredible response to our Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island. In fact, we have only 12 openings remaining. The weekend includes investigations of Mission Point Resort (as seen on the March 30th episode of SyFys "Ghost Hunters") plus Downtown Haunted History Walking Tour and day time investigations at some of the island's most haunted locations. Details on the weekend and price at:

Posted April 6, 2011

"A Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island" October 7-8th. Last week's episode of "Ghost Hunters" involved the investigation of Mission Point Resort on Mackinac Island. On October 7-8 the Haunted Travels Experience/Haunted Travels of Michigan and Todd Clements author (Haunts of Mackinac), researcher and investigator will take you to the same location seen on that episode ... plus much more. This ghost hunting weekend will include:

(1) Investigation of MISSION POINT RESORT and the notoriously haunted ROOM 2200; (2) an ancient Native American burial site: (3) the ruins of an 1812 fort; (4) the most haunted trail on Mackinac Island; and (5) Todd Clements' Downtown Historic Ghost Walk

REGISTRATION is $80 (plus $5 if using credit card). This charge includes all investigations and ghost walk. For more information about the weekend and to register, go to:

Kat & Bev at the ANTWERP SUNSHIN LIBRARY (20 minutes from Kalamazoo) April 19th. Presentation begins at 7:00 p.m. They'll show frequent errors in identifying real paranormal evidence, share some of their best evidence and even a couple of stories from their first and second book. Video, audio and photographs are included. Hope you can join them! Visit our Events page for details on their presentation:

Michigan ParaCon - Kewadin Casino Resort, Sault Ste. Marie - August 12-13. Headlines - Steve & Tango, Dustin Pari, Barry Fitzgerald, Stan Friedman, John Zaffis & much more! Anyone who went to last year's Michigan Paranormal Convention in the Sault knows it was **the biggest** paranormal convention in the state if not the midwest. Over 1300 attendee came. This year's will be even bigger with two full days of speakers.

Headliners this year include: STEVE & TANGO (Ghost Hunters SyFy); DUSTIN PARI, BARRY FITZGERALD (Ghost Hunts & Ghost Hunters International); STAN FRIEDMAN (Noted Nuclear Physicist-Lecturer, Roswell and UFO Expert); JOHN ZAFFIS (demonologist and griffins); LINDA GODFREY (author, Weird Michigan); KAT TEDSEN & BEV RYDEL (Haunted Travels of Michigan book series); and more! Cost for all weekend events is only $60.00 ($80.00 includes VIP dinner Saturday night).

For details visit the Michigan ParaCon site:

Kat and Bev Headed to 1860's B&B for this weekend's investigation. This coming weekend Kat and Bev are headed to the northwest side of Michigan's Lower Peninsula. They'll be joining Mid Michigan Paranormal Investigators to check out this historic inn. Innkeepers and guests have reported disembodied voice, ghostly apparitions and a variety of other unexplained activity. This weekend the team will see if they can explain the strange phenomena or collect evidence that may validate the claim.

Posted March 29, 2011

MANSFIELD REFORMATORY GHOST HUNT with HAUNTED TRAVELS EXPERIENCE July 22 is SOLD OUT. Thanks to everyone for the great response.

GET PLACED ON THE WAITING LIST. We usually have a few people who can't make the hunt and cancel. If you'd like to be placed on our waiting list, we'll notify you as soon as an opening occurs. Email us with your name and the number in your party.


WATCH SyFy "GHOST HUNTERS" MARCH 30th! Haunted Travels has an AWESOME ghost hunt location we're planning for our friends October 7-8. We have kept the location a"MYSTERY" until Wednesday, March 30th, Watch SyFy GHOST HUNTER (9 pm EST) to see where we'll be taking you October 7-8, 2011.

Posted March 15, 2011

Kat and Bev are off on investigations to various Michigan locations for the next 6 weeks. Bags are nearly packed and we're ready to begin the next series of adventures. They will be returning for a second investigation at one hotel where evidence captured during the first investigation was more than a little compelling.

Reveal of our "Mystery Location" for Our October 7-8 Event ... watch the March 30th episode of SyFy's "GHOST HUNTERS" to find out where Haunted Travels Experience will be taking you!
As some of you already know, Jason, Grant and the TAPS team came to Michigan on a freezing winter day to investigate a Michigan hotel will a haunted reputation. What they found was very interesting. Now Haunted Travels of Michigan/Haunted Travels Experience will be taking you on a hunt of the same location ... and more. It will be a weekend ghost hunting adventure full of surprises. So, watch March 30th ... then join Kat, Bev and their Haunted Travels friends in a unique Michigan ghost hunt adventure!

Waivers/Release forms were emailed to all registered guest investigators. Signed/completed forms must be returned to Haunted Travels of Michigan before May 31, 2011. These waivers/release form are required to complete your registration for this event.

If you haven't signed up for our most exciting summer ghost hunt, it's not too late. We still have four openings that remain.

A reminder that Kat & Bev will be giving a free presentation at the Antwerp Library (approx. 20 minutes from Kalamazoo) April 19th, beginning at 7 p.m. Hope to see some of our friends there!

POSTED February 13, 2011

Authors, Kat and Bev, are developing their list of more Michigan locations to investigate! !f you have any public location you'd like the authors to check out, email us at: with the details!

At the end of January Kat & Bev investigated an 1860's hotel on the west side of Lower Michigan. Although no personal experiences were encountered during the investigation, audio turned up some compelling evidence. It just goes to validate the fact that a seemingly uneventful investigation does preclude the possibility of a location's haunting.


We've updated our 2011 Events List with more in the planning stages. Just added, The Michigan Paranormal Convention in Sault Ste. Marie (Aug. 12 - 14). This is the biggest paranormal convention in Michigan, if not the Midwest. Last year the featured guest speakers were The Ghost Adventures Crew, Zak, Nick, and Aaron PLUS Chip Coffee, John Zaffis, Dustin Pari and Kristin Garland. Nearly 1,000 guests came to the event.

The Upper Peninsula Paranormal Research Society are now in the process of lining up their list of headliners for this year's convention. Kat and Bev are honored to be one of the guest speakers this year. More information coming soon.

Another event just added ... Kat and Bev are headed up north again to their favorite haunted inn. Mark October 28-30 for the Ghost Hunters Weekend at Historic Terrace Inn. As most of you know, Terrace Inn was featured in the first Haunted Travels of Michigan book. Last year at the Ghost Hunters weekend, even more compelling evidence was capure to confirm paranomral activity at the inn continues. The weekend will include a book signing, meeting and greet, breakfast each morning, dinner at this nostaglic and charming Terrace Inn dining room, paranormal presentations, and another all night ghost hunt. Check out the site for details.


We currently have 10 openings remaining for our July 22nd Mansfield Reformatory Ghost Hunt. For details on this evening, registraton/payment, go to:

SyFy's "GHOST HUNTERS" Jason, Grant and the TAPS paranormal team in Michigan

We've received quite a few emails about "rumors" that Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, and the TAPS team were in Michigan investigating a location. Those rumors happen to be true! They arrived during one of our crazy snowstorms with below zero temperatures. We can't tell you where they were only that it was somewhere in northern Michigan's most popular tourist areas. The investigation will be featured in the GHOST HUNTER's show sometime in March or April. We're all very eager to see what they discovered!

Kat & Bev are hoping to host a special weekend ghost hunters retreat at the very location Jason, Grant and the TAPS team investigated in early October. The weekend will include a ghost tour of this historic Michigan area with a private ghost hunt at the site where the TAPS team conducted their investigation. We're working out price and details with the hotel and our contact who led Jason and Grant on the investigation. Again, more details coming soon on this very special ghost hunting adventure weekend.

POSTED January 26, 2011

Just a heads-up that January 27th open registration begins for our Mansfield Reformatory ghost hunt scheduled for Friday, July 22. REGISTRATION IS LIMITED TO 45.

Go to our Mansfield website on January 27 and click the "PAYMENT/REGISTRATION" link for on-line payment.

Details on our Ghost Hunt and history of Mansfield Reformatory & payment/registration:

POSTED January 13, 2011

We've sent out early registration notices to all who have registered for our "First Notification" list for our Mansfield investigation scheduled for July 22, 2011. All First Notice friends have until January 26, 2011 to register. JANUARY 27, 2011 registration with be opened to everyone, if any openings remains.

The Haunted Travels team are in the negotiation/planning phase of a very special ghost hunters weekend to be held at an amazing northern Michigan location. It's a location that is, perhaps, one of the most historic areas of Michigan. Ghost hunting, haunted tours, wonderful history ... and even shopping. We don't want to say too much more at this time until we the details worked out. Join our friends list or Facebook page or come back to our blog to keep updated on this unique adventure.

A historic hotel with many reports of paranormal activity is the site of Kat & Bev's next investigation. Built in the 1860's it was one of the areas noteworthy hotels with a colorful past. Are reports of paranormal activity true? Kat and Bev hope to find out during their investigation.


For those of you who haven’t read our book … shame on you ; )

Be sure to pick up a copy at Amazon (currently on sale for around $10.00) or your locat Barnes & Noble, Borders book store.

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