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In conjunction with the MVG book, our company owns and operates the Website. Your on-line presence will keep readers and visitors updated on your property's changes and specials. It supports your visibility as a MVG member, strengthens your credibility, and expands your Internet presence.


What Makes Our Website Unique?

Easier and faster for visitors to find properties (visitors can search for properties using a variety of search criteria based on their specific interests) … independent property reviews by our book's writers (few, if any, websites offer unsolicited opinions and/or property ratings) … MOST IMPORTANT … it requires properties meet our standards and code of ethics. This qualifies you as a property owner focused on guest comfort.

Advantages to You

(1) LOW COST: With annual listings beginning at $20.00, any qualified property can afford to be represented at our site.

(2) DISTINGUISHES YOUR PROPERTY: Our standards and code of ethics will bring visitors back and represents your property as unique.

(3) "MEMBERS" ROOM: Special members may access our registered list of email visitors. This registered list provides important information on our visitor's vacation interests and other important data, including: time(s) of year they vacation, type of property rental they want, interests/activities, and more. This gives you an opportunity to target those visitors specifically interested in what you have to offer … whether it's special activities, programs, rates or packages.

(4) FORUM: Here visitors and property owners can communicate openly with one another. Respond to questions … ask a question. HAVE SOME FUN! Let forum members know what's special about your community or your property. While this is not meant to be a pure marketing medium, it is another avenue offering direct access to vacationers' thoughts, interests and needs. Note, we will audit forum remarks to maintain its family-friendly integrity.


The Michigan Vacation Guide: Cottages, Chalets, Condos, B&B's, initially published in 1991, is a 250-300 page book updated every two years. The MVG is sold through traditional and on-line bookstores as well as libraries and gift shops, with its primary market in the Midwest. Over the years, the MVG has gained a strong readership and continues to rank as one of Michigan's top selling travel guides (About the MVG).

What Makes the MVG Book Unique?

The MVG book is "…one of precious few publications detailing rental properties statewide." (Dennis Tanner, Booth Newspapers Travel Correspondent). Indeed, it is the most comprehensive book of its kind and has been recognized by travel writers and newspapers across Michigan, including the "Detroit Free Press", "Oakland Press", "Flint Journal", "Grand Rapids Press", to name a few. Over the years we have developed a strong following with an estimated readership over 100,000 and growing.

Our property owner's must maintain a committed focus on guest comfort and meet a high level of standards and code of ethics. Members are permitted a free, 50-word description with optional low-cost description enhancements (i.e., extra wording, use of photographs, etc.) if requested. For enhancement options see our Application Form.

Advantages to You

Your listing in the MVG book presents a unique and lasting opportunity. Unlike a newspaper or magazine, which are frequently thrown out after a few days, readers hold on to a book. In fact, our past surveys tell us MVG readers' hold on to our guide for extended periods, sometimes years, and will frequently share it with friends and family. Libraries also hold on to it for many years adding new editions to their collection.

There is a one-time-only $20.00 application fee (this on-time fee will be waived if you take advantage of our Internet listing services at After that, with each new edition, a 50-word description is FREE to our qualified property owners.


Unless noted otherwise, all material and information on this Website and/or in the Michigan Vacation Guide: Cottages, Chalets, Condos, B&B's book is the copyrighted property of TR Desktop Publishing. You may use the information contained herein for your personal use. You may not copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit, or distribute material from this site for commercial or any other non-stated purposes without prior written approval by an authorized representative of TR Desktop Publishing.

Not all properties listed on our site have been inspected by our staff. Unless otherwise indicated, property descriptions contained herein were written from information supplied by property owners and verified through photographs and the property owner's affirmation that their property and rental procedures conform to our "standards and code of ethics". Properties that have been inspected by MVG writers are indicated by an "Editor's Note". These comments are based solely on the condition of the property at the time of our visit and not a guarantee of present conditions or property owner integrity. It is the renter's responsibility to determine the accuracy/validity of the property features, rental prices, security deposit/refund policies, and the owner's claims. Rental rates are subject to change without notice.

The owner is responsible for verifying renter qualifications and suitability and investigating any and all claims made by potential renters.

TR Desktop Publishing maintains the right to refuse, accept or reject all new or existing rental properties for: (1) misrepresentation of property; (2) guests' complaints which TR Desktop Publishing deems valid; (3) listing fees not paid within 60 days of payment due; and (4) any other reason which may violate our standards and code of ethics.
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Michigan Vacation Guide 2005-06: Cottages, Chalets, Michigan Vacation Rental

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